Jenny Dsouza

Traveler, coffee-lover, tea-lover, reader, yogi, digital nomad. Jenny loves writing inspiring content and helping people live happier lives.

 Finding Your Daffodils 1

‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’, written by William Wordsworth and popularly known as Daffodils is a beautiful poem on finding and appreciating the little joys of life. Read the article for a deeper analysis of the poem and its underlying message.

 Healthy relationships 1

Every relationship in our lives is special in its own unique way. Romantic interests however tend to be a very big part if not the biggest part of them all. Romantic relationships can change you completely, either for the better or the worse. Here are some signs that your relationship with your partner is a healthy one!

 Healing childhood traumas 1

Our experiences in the past shape us into who we are as adults. Many times, we are unable to let go of these experiences, and they prevent us from living our lives on our terms. Here are some tips to heal childhood trauma.

 Imgaination Quotes Lifeism

Before we do anything in our life, we see it in our minds. We imagine it, many times, subconsciously. We imagine what our wedding will be like, our homes, and our lives. Even seemingly little things like planning a holiday or baking a cake, we imagine it. We see the end result in our minds before creating it.

 Getting off of the Hamster Wheel

We are running faster than ever, carrying fear in our bones and tightened chest. The stress and the need to go on is taking an emotional and physical toll on us. Here are some simple tips to slow down during a pandemic.