13 Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life

Life is not always a bed of roses, but it need not always be a bed of thorns either. Learn how you can simplify your life by making a few changes.

By Jenny Dsouza ~

Uncomplicate your life

Imagine if this article was written in absolute pure and fancy English from the 18th century. What if we pulled off a Shakespeare on you with this blog and complicated everything we wrote? What if we backed up every research with strong and boring scientific reasoning? Would you still read us?

Well, probably not. At Lifeism, we aim to make our articles simple and conversational. It is not just informative, but we also hope that the reader finds joy in reading it! We want to give you content that encourages you to introspect. All of this can be achieved when we keep things simple.

The same analogy can be applied to our lives. Why make things difficult for ourselves when the solution is straightforward most of the time?

Life can be complicated, we get it. However, you have the power to detangle it and make it less so. There are a million different equations for getting the answer 2 in Mathematics but the simplest one that comes to mind first is 1+1. Make your life a 1+1 rather than a 4/2. Take that direct flight to your journey of life and avoid the hiccups. Uncomplicate your life.

How can you lead an uncomplicated life?

Here are a few ways to uncomplicate your life:

First things first, take a deep breath

Stress can impair our cognitive functioning and prevent us from making rational decisions. The last thing we need while making decisions is stress. Close your eyes, count till 10, and breathe. Breathe slowly and mindfully. This process calms us down and enables us to make better decisions. When we are feeling particularly riled up, moving our bodies really helps. Doing yoga or just listening to music can be particularly relaxing.

Bring attention back to in the now

When we are constantly trying to get something in life, our focus shifts to what we don’t have right now. We tend to focus on the lack rather than the now. Take that occasional pause and appreciate everything you have around you at the moment. Live each day to its fullest. Treat each day and each moment you’re living as a new life. Of course, planning is important but try to keep a balance. There is no point in stressing about what will happen in ten years or even one year down the line. For that matter, we cannot change the past, either. So make what you’re doing today, count.

Swim away from drama

We all have been guilty of this at some point in our life. When we say drama, you know exactly what we mean. Stick to doing your thing. Do not indulge in unnecessary gossip and stay out of toxic situations. If you have to ask whether a situation is toxic or not, the answer is almost always yes.

Say no to toxic people

In relation to the earlier point, to lead a simple life, stop surrounding yourself with people that complicate your life for no reason. Cut off from people who have never been nice to you or whose company isn’t good for you. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Stop with the white lies you tell yourself that falsely justify the actions of these toxic people. Keep yourself in the company of people who support you in doing the right things and help you grow. Toxic people are just another addition to the things that can make your life complex. Respect yourself enough to identify the toxic relationships in your life and if possible, weed them out.

Follow your gut

If you’ve ignored your gut feelings for a long time, it may take some time to really listen to your instincts. Remember, it's not a skill that ever goes away, you just need a little practice. You do not need approval from others to do what you want in your life. Live by your own rules. When you live life the way you are expected to live, instead of listening to your instincts, you will be unhappy invariably. This can become a large complication in life.

Let it go

Let go of the small things that keep bothering you. Let go of trying to control your life or that of others around you. This will only stress you out. Sometimes things are just not under our control. Accept it and move on. There lies peace in acceptance. This letting go should happen in areas of our lives where we feel particularly stuck such as a relationship, a job promotion, or even a denied proposal. Working on letting go of your past hurts and wounds is probably the most liberating thing you can do for yourself.


Ensuring we are understood is extremely important to lead an uncomplicated life. Effective communication avoids misunderstandings and misgivings. Communicate your feelings to your close ones when you feel low or happy. Even if there is nothing anything can do about it, it will go a long way. Talking about difficult topics can liberate us, make us feel understood, and it is certainly more effective than others wondering why we are behaving oddly. If you are unable to share your life with loved ones, consult a therapist. Feel heard. A little communication can go a long way.

Get yourself organized

Okay, we will say it first. We cannot be 100% organized all the time. We all can organize (ourselves, our thoughts, and our life) to a certain level. That threshold is different for all of us. What we are asking is for you to take that threshold up a notch. 

Can you start journaling each morning to clear your mind? Can you reorganize your messy cupboard? Will it help if you add every important event to your calendar? How about birthdays of people you care about. Take any area of your life and see if you can pull it in just a little bit more.

Living an organized life can help you simplify your time and decision-making.

Meal preparation is a game-changer

This may seem like an odd item on this list. But it may very well be the key to uncomplicating many areas of your life. Just think about it. Meal prepping can save you a lot of money since you are less likely to end up eating outside. That can lead to a simpler savings plan. Planning meals in advance also mean that you are likely to eat healthily. This means you are avoiding future chronic conditions and other health-related complications in your life. It ensures your nutritional needs are met and you are always on you’re game. Meal planning and prepping can go a long way in uncomplicating your life.

Stop being a people pleaser

People-pleasing won’t take you anywhere. In fact, it will make you unhappy for not doing things for yourself and constantly trying to fit in. You need to learn to say no to people, especially when it is affecting your wellbeing. Learn to put yourself before others. You cannot pour from an empty jug.

Do not compare yourself to people

This is your life. Live it the way you want to. Don’t try to live something else’s life. All of us billions on this planet are unique by design. We’ve been blessed with our own individuality – no matter who you are, there is no one exactly like you.

So comparing yourself with others is only going to lead to disappointment and disillusionment. You are not them. You will reduce the complexities in your life by just making this small change in the way you think.

Stop glorifying the constant hustle

The hustle culture has become toxic. It demands unrealistic feats from us, many times, at the expense of our relationships, health, and even finances. When you are keeping your body under stress for long periods of time, you are more likely to be diagnosed with a lifestyle disorder like diabetes, cholesterol, etc.

You’re a human, not a machine. Even machines need maintenance. Take that weekend off and focus on yourself.

Life with integrity

When our actions and words are in alignment, we are essentially living with integrity. When people know what to expect from you, life becomes simpler for those around them. It also becomes simpler for you as you practice this. You will see yourself speaking less and listening more.

Simplicity is a choice we make every day – consciously or subconsciously. Like Don Draper once said – “Make it simple but significant”. Some things are not in your hands but what you can control is the way you react to them. Taking the smallest steps has the power to change your life for the better. Make this life significant by starting today. You got this.



Letting go point really helped me out a lot. I’ve became more happy and satisfied since I’m not bothered about few things. Thank you for the blog.


The way you’ve started the blog intrigued me into reading it further and I didn’t regret it. Got so much value from it.

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