9 Characteristics of a Dedicated Person

It is easy to recognize a dedicated person. It doesn’t take much to see the commitment burning brightly. What does it take to be dedicated?

By Jenny Dsouza ~

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First off, we want to applaud you for even clicking on this link and reading up on dedication. The fact that you want to be dedicated and want to live up to your promises means you have found something worth fighting for. Be it your family, health, career, or yourself – by seeking more information you just took the first step towards your goal.

First things first. Let's define dedication.

What does dedication mean?

Merriam Webster Definition

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines dedicated as, "devoted to a cause, ideal, or purpose".

Dedication is a single-minded focus on something we decide on. It is a commitment we make toward achieving a goal. As a result of that dedication, we are willing to sacrifice almost anything in our lives. Many of us dedicate our time, money, resources, and even entire lives towards a goal we are dedicated to.

Everyone has their own journey to becoming a dedicated person. Not only do we express our dedication differently, but also, choose different areas of our lives to be dedicated to. However, there are some common characteristics of a dedicated person. Which we hope will help you embark on your own unique journey to personal growth.

Characteristics of a dedicated person

They are passionate

We often think of dedication with a twinge of negativity. In some ways, dedication is equated to doing something even when we don’t quite like it. But the truth is, dedication requires passion to resolve challenging tasks. Life is going to throw a million things at us, no matter what. So, if we want to be dedicated to something and stick to it, then it damn well is something we are passionate about. If we are passionate about something, we are always happy while doing it.

They keep promises

Our word is a bond. What we say is a contract, signed by our vocal cords. No other creature on this planet can communicate as deeply as we do. Sure, all species communicate but the message revolves around survival, danger, mating, and food. Only humans communicate intent.

They keep their promises and stay true to their word. They overpromise and overdeliver. That makes them reliable and trustworthy. They respect themselves as well as others enough to do what they say they will. This is why most of their relationships are steady and healthy.

They don’t make excuses

Being dedicated also means giving up excuses. It’s a deep understanding that not living up to your own word is harming you more than the person you promised. Making excuses is a coping mechanism for not delivering or not living up to the promise.

They just get things done, no matter what. Come hell or high water, if a dedicated person gives his or her word, you know it will be done and taken care of.

They don’t shy away from responsibility

Many of us have a negative connotation of responsibility. We equate it to a burden we have to carry. We often don’t want to take responsibility for anything we don’t have to. But responsibility is not a burden. They understand that responsibility is a privilege. That they have earned the right to be responsible for something.

In the movie, Spiderman, Uncle Ben gives Peter a piece of advice that turns around his life. He dismisses it first (like all of us do sometimes). But then owns it. Here is a clip from the scene:

They own up to their mistakes

Dedicated people know their responsibilities. But they also know that they are human and not perfect. They know that they are going to make mistakes at some point in their lives, no matter how hard they try. Such people are the assets of the country.

More importantly, they also know that to learn from their mistakes and to truly move forward, they have to own up to their mistakes and take steps to ensure something like that never happens again.

They understand the valuable lessons that mistakes teach us. Instead of playing the blame game and staying stuck in the past, they own their mistakes and recommit to their goals.

They plan in advance

To live up to their word and to truly do what they promised, dedicated people plan in advance. While their planning methodologies differ (they range from paper planners, and digital planners, to just planning it all in their minds), they always have processes in place to ensure things go as they desire. They strategize and put their resources (however abundant or scarce) to achieve their goals.

This planning allows them to not be burdened or stressed all the time. It allows them to take time off without it hurting their goal. They work hard to achieve this balance because their dedication to the goal is paramount. This is a key problem-solving skill. 

The planning also makes them adaptable and receptive to change. They understand that nothing is constant except change. They go with the flow, while they are firmly rooted in dedication toward their goal.

They dream

Dedicated people are dreamers by definition. They are believers. They believe that they can do something that seems impossible to others. They believe that they can achieve the dream they’ve been vying for a long time. A spark of a dream can light a fire of dedication that burns brightly for years for them.

They are patient

Dedicated people are not interested in quick fixes or just getting there by hook or crook. They are committed to their goals and dreams. It means everything to them, and they are willing to take no shortcuts. They are not willing to compromise on their dreams just because something will be easy, fast, or cheap. They are in it for the long haul. They people are patient.

They take action

Dedication is not just mental and emotional; it is also physical. A dedicated person takes massive action and believes in going after their dreams with all they have got. They likely have no Plan B. They believe in investing their all in their goal. They will do whatever it takes to make things work.

They have a positive attitude

Consistent work over a period of time affirms our belief in positive outcomes. When we work toward something with dedication, we inculcate a positive attitude toward life and we believe that we will reach the pinnacle of success if we continue to work towards it. We enjoy the journey and gather lots of happy memories due to our optimistic attitude. 

What is stopping you from being dedicated?

If you are reading this article because you are not feeling the commitment and dedication you did at the beginning of your journey, then you need to consider this:

  • It is possible that you have run out of steam. And that is normal. Instead of berating yourself about it and wallowing in guilt, own up to it. Understand that it is completely normal to feel that way sometimes. You are after all, human.

  • Are you not motivated because you have hit a rough patch and you just don't see a way out? If you are stuck, again, just acknowledge it. Own it. And read this article on what to do when things are just not working out.

  • If you are just feeling like you have lost yourself then there are just a few simple steps you can take to reclaim your power. You are here, now. And that’s okay. You will be on your way again, soon.

  • If you are here because you are sad and depressed, because going has gotten tough, it's okay to feel low. Let yourself feel it all. And then let it all go. Motivate and inspire yourself to get out of the rut. Find your sunshine in the depth of winter.

  • If this is just a roadblock, a hump that is higher than most, but one that you know you will eventually get over then there is nothing to stress about. You got this.

  • If you are doubting your dedication because you were rejected, then think again. It was just a no. That's it. Reframe that rejection.

  • If you are reading this because your life situation has changed, and your goal no longer seems to make sense know that it is hard to accept that. It is not easy to give up something that you have dedicated your heart and soul to. But sometimes, giving up is the right choice. Read to find out if it makes sense for you to give up on something you were devoted to.

A note on dedicated employees

Dedicated employees are those who are willing to go the extra mile at work. They're willing to put in extra time, take on extra projects, contribute to the workforce, put in extra effort, lead teams, and take on responsibilities that aren't necessarily part of their job description.

These kinds of employees can be invaluable to companies because they are so willing to put in the hard work that's needed as a business grows. Other employees may not want to do these things and will instead complain about how much work they have to do at their workplace. But dedicated employees don't mind doing this kind of work because they understand that it's part of being successful in life.

Dedicated employees also tend to be very loyal people who want nothing more than for their company to succeed. This means they will go above and beyond any expectations you have set out for them because they want nothing more than for their employer (and themselves) to succeed.

No matter what you are going through, know that dedication is ultimately a choice that you make. It is the truest form of devotion and love towards something or someone. But you have to make that choice every day. No amount of external coaxing and motivation will work. This ultimate dedication must come from within.

If you're reading this and have come so far down the article, you're already a step ahead and a step closer to a better version of yourself. You got this. Take the first step to a more wholesome and dedicated life today.

If you’re reading this and have come so far down the article, you’re already a step ahead and a step closer to a better version of yourself. You got this. Start our journey to a more wholesome and dedicated life today.


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