Best Luna Lovegood Quotes and Why We Love Them

The Harry Potter series has captivated fans worldwide. Here are a few Luna Lovegood quotes we absolutely love.

By Jenny Dsouza ~

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The world of fantasy is magical. It allows us to expand our horizons and introduces us to a new way of thinking, a way beyond the ordinary. It allows us to escape into the deep corners of our minds which are otherwise unexplored. It helps us to step aside from the constant bustle and escape to another world.

Books and movies have always been a great way of doing that. Not only are they great stress relievers but they also bring with them important messages for the audience. Sometimes, it’s the way things are told that makes us want to listen and make a change in our lives. This is exactly what movies and books do. They convey important messages to their audience and readers in a very subtle but noticeable way. All we must do is observe closely.

J.K. Rowling’s famous series of books (later converted into a movie sequel) – ‘Harry Potter’, has been a great source of creative expression and an escape from reality for many people all around the globe. The Harry Potter series is a true representation of a series of wild imaginations but one that conveys deep messages. The wise words of every character, the articulated details of Hogwarts, and the extremely engaging storyline captivate readers of all ages. It feels like J.K. Rowling has poured all her heart and soul into this piece of literature and we are all blessed to see it come to light.

In Harry Potter, it is not just the main characters that catch our eye, it is also the characters that are less noticed that make the series such a hit. The details that Rowling has put into these characters are impeccable. These characters have so much to convey to us, we sometimes miss out on the messages. One such character that goes unnoticed by the readers and viewers is Luna Lovegood. We’re here to remind you why Luna is a character we should never forget about.

Who is Luna Lovegood?

Known for her unique outlook on life, we first see her character in the movie- ‘The Order of Phoenix’ of the Harry Potter film series. Luna Lovegood is a true Ravenclaw who embodies the mindfulness and intelligence of her house which is best exemplified by her quote “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure”.

Though she may appear to be an oddball, Luna is brimming with optimism, positivity, and offers keen insights into life. We can see throughout the series that whenever Luna is faced with an awful predicament, she finds a way to put her own spin on it. Like the time she thought Nargles would steal all her shoes and her response was “My mum always said things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”

Luna had a tragic early life. Her mother Pandora Lovegood died accidentally while she was experimenting with a few spells. Luna was nine when her mother died. Young Luna was then brought up by her father Xenophilius. He worked as the editor of a magazine, Quibbler. 

Luna was raised in a small house near a village in Devon. The harsh circumstances gave her a new outlook on life. It made her courageous and unfazed and inspired her to live her life her own way which is best exemplified by her saying, “Being different isn't a bad thing. It means you're brave enough to be yourself." Here are a few instances when Luna Lovegood spoke golden words that we all need to hear sometimes!

Luna Lovegood Quote on things we lose and finding things - Lifeism

This dialogue of Luna puts several things into perspective, the main takeaway being that nothing in life is lost. It all finds a way back to us. When we try things, we can either succeed or lose. But nonetheless, there is always something that we take back from whatever we do. Nothing goes for waste. Like Arianna Huffington said – “Failure is not the opposite of success, it is a part of success”, no failure ever means that something is lost.

We always gain experience from anything we do in life. There is always something we take back from a task unfinished, or a battle lost. This is what paves a smoother path for us for the next battle. So technically, we don’t lose. We are rewarded in different ways.

Luna believes that even if something is lost in the current time, the universe will find a way to get it back to us at some point in our life. Most often, it is at the least expected time. That is how the law of attraction works. Sometimes, we aren’t ready for certain things and the consequences that they bring with them. There is a right time for everything.

Many of us find love when we least expect it or when we stop the quest for it. Often, we succeed at a task after several trials. J.K. Rowling herself was rejected 12 times before her book was published. But you know what’s important? Her success was inevitable. It is the 12 chances that she lost that made her want to achieve her dreams so badly. In the end, it was all worth it and it all happened in good time. Your good time is around the corner too, just hang in there!

Luna Lovegood Harry Potter Quote on being different - Lifeism

The thing that is the most captivating about Luna is her confidence and how she is unapologetically herself. If we had to choose one dialogue that describes Luna the best, it is this one. Despite having a rough childhood, Luna doesn’t let that come in the way of who she wants to be, or maybe, that is what makes her the confident person she was at Hogwarts. 

Through the character of Luna Lovegood, Rowling tells us all to be brave enough to be ourselves. We are all created in different ways and wired in different ways. Despite having so much in common, every human has so much that sets them apart from the rest. None of us are the same. Look at the characters in Harry Potter itself. They have their own unique set of powers and characteristics that made us love them even more. It is individuality that makes us attractive.

Society has its own set standards for everything, right from the way we are supposed to look to the things we are supposed to do with our own lives. Because of these standards, we tend to be harsh on ourselves. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves trying to be a certain way when we are clearly not meant to be that way. It takes a lot for us to realize that these rules of society are not real, they are just superficial. It takes a lot of courage to live a life where we don’t try to fit in, but we try to stand out. It is often all things different that catch our eye. Different is good if it does not harm others. Luna shows us how we must be brave enough to be ourselves. There is no point in trying to fit in. Just be yourself.

Luna Lovegood Quote on still fighting from Harry Potter Series - Lifeism

We’re all fighting our battles constantly, every day, the small and the big battles. Be it trying to submit our assignments before the deadlines, fighting certain health ailments, fighting to make ends meet, or trying to get that job we want. Some people are fighting to keep our lives secure on the country’s borders and some people are fighting for their last breath in hospital beds. Every person is fighting their own battle. But what’s important is that we are still here, with a purpose. That’s got to mean something, right?

Luna tells this to Harry to calm him down when they are stuck in a predicament. It was Luna’s attempt at keeping Harry’s spirits up and urging him not to stop fighting. This dialogue is very comforting in a way. It tells us that none of us are alone. It is our struggles that bring us together. Sometimes it just seems easier when we know that we are not alone, and we have people fighting with us, too. It gives us the courage and keeps our spirits up. 

This dialogue gives us the courage to keep fighting. Life is not always easy, there are several points when we want to give up. But, in these moments all it takes is a simple reminder that we are not fighting alone, to keep us going. Struggles will continue but, as long as they do, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. We just have to be patient and get our way through the darkness. 

Luna Lovegood Harry Potter Quote on wit - Lifeism

Seems like such a simple quote, right? But that’s the beauty of it. It’s simple, yet it carries a lot of value. It’s a different thing to possess intelligence and it’s a different thing to be witty. Being witty means being able to say something everyone will understand.

Luna herself is quite a witty character. She has the intelligence, but she also can express herself in a way that stays with people. Her sense of wit along with some quirk is what makes her memorable, despite not being one of the main characters. She always has her wits about her. She is calm and composed in the direst situation.

Mark Twain once said, “Wit is the sudden marriage of ideas which before their union was not perceived to have any relation”. That’s the thing with wit. It’s captivating. It can get you through conversations with ease and can help you slide with ease through difficult situations. It helps you to think beyond the ordinary and come up with solutions. 

Luna Lovegood Quote on Sanity from Harry Potter Series - Lifeism

This dialogue, once again, highlights Luna Lovegood’s courageous nature. Throughout the series, Luna has portrayed how she is not afraid to express herself. She is bold, calm, and honest. She doesn’t step back from speaking her mind which is why some people think she is crazy, so much so that they call her ‘Loony Lovegood’. 

Luna speaks this dialogue to Harry when he can suddenly see the Thestrals that Ron and Hermione cannot see. Thestrals can only be seen by people that have witnessed death.

Harsh circumstances help us grow. It is often these situations that are our best teachers. Lovegood is an old soul with wise words who knows a lot because she went through a lot. She is wiser beyond her years. From these words, we can learn that tough times are inevitable but on the bright side, they will only make us stronger and wiser.

What can we take away from Luna?

Luna Lovegood is an inspiring character. She teaches us to be unapologetically ourselves. Her courage is one of her most attractive qualities. Despite going through such trying times, Luna stood tall and bold through any trouble that life threw her way. Not only did she stand up for herself whenever required, but she was also there to motivate Harry whenever he needed it. 

Luna was criticized by several for being so outspoken and loud. She was bullied too. However, that never stopped her from expressing herself. In a world where we are constantly trying to please others, a Luna Lovegood would be a breath of fresh air among the herd. We love her courageous and outspoken nature. She inspires us to be more like her. It is a pity that she doesn’t get the attention she deserves from us, but we hope we changed that for you today!


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