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By Jenny Dsouza ~

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Happy Monday! The new week is bubbling with energy and endless possibilities. Embrace the upcoming week with gratitude; envision everything that you want to accomplish and see it through.

And if you are looking to add just a little zing to your morning self- pep talk or have a curious case of the Monday blues (we all do, at some point), we’ve rounded up some of the best quotes to give you just the right spark of motivation as you gear up to take the week head-on. Read them out loud, believe them and as all good Samaritans should, share them on Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Rita Schiano Monday Quote - Lifeism

“Believe on Monday the way you believe on Sunday.”

– Rita Schiano

Don’t hand over your happiness and zeal to just one day of the week. Realize the gift of opportunities that Monday brings just like you wait for leisurely weekends.

Monday Quotes Gabriel García Márquez - Lifeism

This should be the spirit of everyday. Manifest the good and the good will happen.

Monday quote by Jerry Spinelli - Lifeism

Every so often, we are trapped in our workaday lives; in our deadlines and weekly/daily/ monthly’s, that we forget to just take one day at a time and really be present for each moment as we experience it. Try it, it makes a big difference :)

MOnday Quote by Mark Caine - Lifeism

Yes, it is easy to hit snooze for the tenth time and the bed calls you back in its warm embrace every time you even think of waking up. But while you rest, the world strives ahead. Refuse to be controlled by your luxuries and show up for the hustle.

 Ayn Rand Quote - Lifeism

You are your only limit. Stop hesitating and take that first step. Believe in the power of your talent and trust your skills. The world is your oyster.

Chris Grosser Monday Quote - Lifeism

Stop waiting for the right time, there isn’t one. Instead, work hard and create the right environment for yourself. Flourish.

Maya Angelou Monday Quote - Lifeism

Dreams, thoughts and visions are not enough. Harvest them with action, effort and determination.

Joel Osteen Monday Quote - Lifeism

You are a diamond. Don’t let the pressure get to you. Let it help you shine. You are meant for greatness.

Jim Rohns Quote on running the day - Lifeism

The day will shape up to be a good one if you make it. Get up, dress up and show up.

Roger Staubach Quote on traffic jams - Lifeism

And there’s a reason for that. Only a few go the extra mile. Stop making excuses. Let’s go get it done.

Stephen Covey Quote on prioritization - Lifeism

We all have a lot on our plates. Be it our nearing deadlines, family, peers or the struggle to stay afloat in the pandemic (emotionally and otherwise). The secret to success is to prioritize – and do it religiously. Give due respect to your work, your family and not to forget- yourself.

Zig Ziglar Quote on winning - Lifeism

We are all meant for success. We are all given the same 24 hours a day. Just sharpening the knife isn’t enough. Envision your success, plan for it and persevere to achieve what is yours.

Alexander Graham Bell Quote focus - Lifeism

Even sunrays, when focussed, can burn a hole or even start a fire. Don’t get focus on your thoughts, focus on your actions, too and make them the steering force to your victory.

 Confucius Quote on moving mountains - Lifeism

It is easy to disregard the small tasks when you are focussed on the big win. However, very often, it is the smaller stuff that defines the course of action. Leave no stone unturned, and you will surely move mountains.

Quote by Unknown on who you are and who you want to be - Lifeism

Vision + Action = Success.

Amelia Earhart Quote on getting things done - Lifeism

All plans are great plans- on paper. The one time-tested way to achieve your dreams is to put in the hard work it requires. No questions asked.

Mahatma Gandhi Quote on the future - Lifeism

There is no tomorrow, no yesterday. All we have is today. Day by day, your dream will become your reality if you just strive to nourish your dreams with determined work.

Stephen Covey Quote on being tender with yourself during self-growth - Lifeism

This is a very important thought to remind yourself with. While you are busy moving mountains and saving the day, remember to be patient with yourself. You have come so far, you are doing so well. You are better than yesterday and ready for tomorrow. Pat yourself on the back.

 Winston Churchill quote on attitude - Lifeism

When nothing goes the way you’d want it to, say it is okay. Growth is a mindset. Even when it is easier to give up, tell yourself you can do this. Maybe today isn’t your day, but tomorrow will be. Learn from your mistakes. It is not the problem, but your attitude towards it that makes the difference.

Monday Quote on having fun - Lifeism

And finally, remember, it is just one day. It will be as good as you make it. So go have a great day and an even better week. Share these Monday motivational quotes, images, and captions. Tag us and make our week better, too :)



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