Morning Affirmations to Kickstart Your Day

Starting the day right can give life an instant boost. Here is a simple guide to morning affirmations to kick-start the day.

By Jenny Dsouza ~

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Did you ever feel like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? That things just did not go your way, for no reason at all. Are these your thoughts each morning?

“Just 5 more minutes, snooze”

“Ugh, I am already late.”

“I already have an email from my boss.”

“I have to pay those bills soon.”

“I can't believe I did not do my laundry.”

This happens to all of us when we forget to plan our day. We don’t mean planning in the traditional sense – like scheduling your meetings and work time. We mean planning the big picture for the day and how it is connected to the rest of your life. Due to this, we often neglect small things that could make us happy and joyful.

Have you envisioned what your day is going to be like? Did you wake up in the morning and decide that you are going to seize the day? If you want to increase the good days in your life, morning affirmations are quintessential. Preparing yourself spiritually, emotionally, and mentally is as important as scheduling your calendar.

Practicing affirmations in the morning (or, if you work the night shift - whenever you wake up) is extremely important. It has been long proven that our first few thoughts in the morning pretty much define our day. And each day defines our week and so on. If you can't practice affirmations throughout the day, do them in the morning. Mornings are key.

Why are affirmations important?

Affirmations (or as Tony Robbins calls them, incantations) in the morning are important for a few reasons:

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  1. They help in setting the tone for the day. They energize you and put you in a positive mood.
  1. If used effectively, incantations or affirmations can rewire your brain to have a good day. According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, the more we think of something, the stronger our neural pathways for that thought become, making it more likely that we will encounter that experience.
  1. They put you in the mood for gratitude. And the moment you become thankful for the little things in your life, you tend to attract the larger things in life with ease. You become a manifestation magnet of sorts.
  1. If you are stressed or anxious, affirmations are like healing salves, giving a sense of calm and soothing those nerves.
  1. It is a way of greeting yourself for the day – a simple way of saying good morning to yourself!

When should you do affirmations?

The best time to do the affirmations is within an hour of waking up. Some ideas to incorporate affirmations in your morning routine:

  1. Do them while you are still in bed. Keep your journal next to you are read the affirmations you’ve preselected first thing in the morning. Over time, you will not need the journal and will know the affirmations by heart.
  1. Do them while you brush your teeth or shower. Paste a sticky note in your bathroom and say your affirmations out loud.
  1. Do them when you are getting dressed. You can stick your affirmations on the inside of your wardrobe and say them out loud as you get dressed.
  1. If you have the luxury of time in the morning, sit in a calm spot in your home, close your eyes, and feel your affirmations as you say them out loud.
  1. Do your affirmations as you fix breakfast. Adorn your kitchen walls with some positive affirmations so you can do your affirmations while you make your meals for the day.

Do them your way. These are just some suggestions to get you going. As affirmations become a habit, you will get creative and find your way to doing them.

How should you practice morning affirmations?

There are many ways to practice morning affirmations. Here are some suggestions that can work. However, note that practicing affirmations is very subjective and everyone has a different way to approach it. Our favorite way to practice affirmations is in front of the mirror. If you want to learn more about practicing the mirror work technique, we have a very comprehensive guide on Lifeism. We believe that practicing affirmations in front of the mirror is the best way to practice true self-love.

How many affirmations should you do in the morning?

We recommend starting with 5 affirmations and then adding more as you get comfortable doing them and know which areas of your life you want to focus the affirmations on. Learn how you feel when you do certain affirmations and if they resonate with you. Just like you’d try on new clothes, try on new affirmations and keep the ones that you enjoy.

What morning affirmations should you start with?

While there are many morning affirmations, and they will all depend on what you want to attract in your life, we recommend starting with a few general affirmations, and then as you get comfortable with them, you can change them up based on your needs.

What are some positive morning affirmations?

Here is a list of morning affirmations to get you started:

  1. “I’m grateful to be alive!”
  2. “I am a healthy and happy person. My body is a vessel of wellness.”
  3. “I accept myself for who I am.”
  4. “The best is yet to come.”
  5. “I am feeling healthy and strong today.”
  6. “My life is a gift. I will live it with purpose.”
  7. “I surround myself with wonderful people.”
  8. “Today I align myself with freedom, growth, and joy.”
  9. “I choose to do great things today.”
  10. “I will have a wonderful, tranquil day.”
  1. “I wake up with a peaceful mind and a tranquil heart.”
  2. “My day will go according to plan.”
  1. “I will achieve everything I plan to do today.”
  2. “I channel abundance with ease.”
  3. “I am a money magnet; abundance flows to me with ease.”
  4. “I start each day with gratitude in my heart.”
  5. “Everything I touch is a success.”
  6. “I am whole and I am complete.”
  7. “I joyfully give and receive love each day.”
  1. “I learn from my life experiences.”

What are your favorite affirmations and incantations? When do you plan on doing them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section, we’d love to hear more.


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