61+ Full Moon Affirmations

Unlock your true potential and embrace change with ease with these full moon affirmations.

By Jenny Dsouza ~

Full Moon Affirmations

The full moon stars in every horror movie at least once. In these movies, terrible things happen in this period and it brings out the worst in people. Be it a werewolf, zombie, or even a psych patient, they all are affected deeply on the full moon.

There is a reason for that. Back in the day, people experienced a change in themselves and others during this time of the month, but they didn't know what it was and why they were feeling so unmoored.

Every culture also had a myth of its own. What you can and cannot do during this time is quite elaborately laid out in many cultures and religions.

With the advent of science, things changed. We've figured out that the full moon does affect us, but there is no mystery around it anymore. It is the magnetic pull of the moon that brings tides of change in our lives.

However, it is important to remember that change can be both – good and bad. It is up to us to tilt the universe in our favor. We do have the power to change our destiny.

On this day, there is an overflow of emotions affecting our mental and physical state. Just because we cannot see it, does not mean that it does not exist.

The moon cycles:

The reason why we see the moon in the first place is that it stops and reflects light coming from the sun. The moon phases we see vary according to the position of the moon around the sun and the earth.

According to astrology, a full moon appears when the earth comes in between the sun and the moon and all three align – appearing to be in the same line. On the other hand, when the moon appears in between the sun and the earth, it becomes invisible. This stage is known as the new moon day.

The moon and the ocean:

There is a profound relationship between the moon and ocean tides. The moon draws the ocean towards itself as if it’s a magnet and the ocean is a piece of iron. This phenomenon occurs because of the gravitational pull of the moon.

If the moon has the power to control the ocean in such a powerful way, imagine its impact on the human body, which is also composed of 70% water.

The full moon brings with it several changes and fluctuations within us as well. If we are able to harness the power of these fluctuations, we can truly make change easier for ourselves.

If we go through life without intention, we're akin to a boat sailing aimlessly in the ocean – going where the ocean and the wind take it.

Effects of the full moon on humans:

Emotional effects

This period can turn out to be both, ecstatic and devastating at the same time. It depends on your state during that period. Whatever your state of mind is, will get elevated.

On a full moon day, if you is mentally disturbed, you'll get a little more disturbed. You will wonder why you are feeling so low and why your usual powers of bouncing back just don't work.

If you are happy, you'll be happier. It is not the moon that instigates sadness or serenity, it only elevates the feelings and intensifies them.

The mood with which you wake up on the day of a full moon will get escalated. All the emotions that you are hiding intentionally or unintentionally will showcase themselves on this day. The full moon will take your qualities may they be positive or negative and enhance them.

That is why we hear the stories of people going crazy on a full moon day. People feel sadder, depressed, and lost during this period than any other. There is an explosion of emotions. Anger, jealousy, and hatred, all take their toll if not managed well.

On the flip side, if you keep yourself happy, joyful, and blissful, you will experience more peace and serenity than at any other time. If you are meditative, the intensity of meditation will increase many folds.

Effects on sleep

A study carried out by scientists in Switzerland focused on the effects of the moon on the sleep cycle. The study found that people need more sleep than usual during the full moon.

They are also likely to wake up earlier than usual. Likely because the study also confirmed that the subjects spent 30% less time in deep sleep. This is likely why they also need to sleep for longer.

Now, we know that whatever energy we have on the full moon day gets heightened. So why not prepare ourselves for that day and make that experience worth remembering?

What should you do on a full moon day?

Preparing yourself

Instead of waiting for the full moon day, you should start preparing 3-4 days prior. You should start thinking positively, keeping yourself happy, practicing full moon affirmations, try to keep stress away from you.

Be conscious and know that you are entering a particular phase of the cycle. Add a reminder 2-3 days before the full moon on your calendar so that it's there in your subconscious.

This way, if you are feeling extremely emotional, you know that it's likely the effect of the moon. It will also remind you to prepare for what's coming next. Keep your journal, happy music, and your list of full moon affirmations handy.


During this time, there is a lot happening around us and within us. A strong force is literally pulling us in a certain direction. In a situation like this, journaling can have a therapeutic effect.

It can make you feel lighter and clear your mind. You realize some of the things that were stressing you out were insignificant.

It also helps you declutter your mind and express gratitude more easily. It will help to write down a few full moon affirmations that resonate with you so they can stay with you.

Tuning into nature

Nature refreshes us. Try going for a walk in the park. Inhale that cleaner oxygen. If that is not possible, spend some time every day with plants at your house.

Just sit alone and think about what you have and not about what you don’t. You’ll be surprised how calming it is.


Spend some time alone and ask yourself some questions. What do you want from life? Are your actions in accordance with your goals? How are your relationships? What do you need to do to improve yourself?

Asking these questions will help you tune in and be more connected with yourself. It’ll keep you grounded and help in the process of self-discovery.

Cleaning up

Over time, we gather a lot of things in our homes. Before we realize it, we've cluttered our wardrobes and shelves with things that we will never use or only just use once.

Decluttering the environment

Start from your bedroom. Change the bedsheet and pillow cover. Remove all the things that do not serve any purpose or don’t give you joy anymore. Watching some of Marie Kondo's videos on YouTube may also help with this effort.

It is a well-established idea that cleaning helps improve our mood. Sometimes the process of decluttering what's on the outside also declutters what's on the inside. Which is equally important.

Decluttering the mind

If you've been struggling with a specific unreasonable belief that you have since childhood or because of your past experience, this is the right time to let it go. Remember, this is a great time to change things in your life.

Letting go of old beliefs and reducing mental clutter is probably the most effective way to enhance your mental and emotional state.


Meditation heals many problems and comes along with a plethora of advantages. It offers you the opportunity to ignore rest and concentrate on yourself, to reflect on your thoughts. It takes five minutes daily and solves a lot of your problems.

Meditating on Positive affirmations

During your meditation, you can also practice full moon affirmations. We've created a comprehensive list for you below to help you get started.

It is important to let go of your doubts about your practice and embrace the affirmations with a relaxed knowing that they will work.

When in doubt, focus on the feelings of gratitude towards your life, write down the affirmations, practice self-love, and trust the universe.

But sometimes it becomes hard to concentrate while meditating. Here are 6 easy ways you can start your meditation journey!

Practicing full moon affirmations

Positive affirmations come in very handy when we want to achieve a specific goal. Repeating these affirmations will not only help you in achieving your goal but also develop a positive and optimistic attitude.

This is especially helpful when you practice them first thing in the morning before you tackle your to-do list. Don't even look at it before you have completed your affirmations.

Here are 61 affirmations that you can practice after waking up or during your meditation. You can start repeating them 3-4 days before the full moon day. Doing this will help you gain maximum benefit from this phenomenon.

It will heal you from within. Follow practicing these positive affirmations as a full moon ritual to experience wonders.

Re-read the full moon affirmations in the morning before starting your day. You will feel peaceful, and the right affirmations will start working on your unconscious mind.

Doing these affirmations will increase your self-worth, create abundance, and bring out the best version of yourself as long as the lunar cycle lasts.

If you practice it religiously, you may also see a shift in your physical reality. These full moon affirmations are powerful and attract new beginnings in your life.

Full moon affirmations:

  1. I practice my full moon affirmations with calming certainty
  2. I’m filled with peace as I release all that no longer serves me
  3. I’m my own light, shining bright like a full moon
  4. I avoid negative self-talk and fill myself with positivity
  5. All the resources that I need are already within me
  6. I’m guided by the moon's magic to live my best life.
  7. As I tune into the energy of the full moon, I am filled with intuition, magic, and healing
  8. I see my life from a higher perspective and release anything that doesn’t serve me
  9. I surrender all that no longer serves me to the healing light of the moon
  10. Just like the past lunar cycle, I'm filled with peace, love, and abundance.
  11. The full moon’s light sheds light into my life, giving me the strength to do what is right and heal what needs healing
  12. I manifest positive change in my life
  13. I trust my intuition.
  14. In this moment of peace and happiness, I accept myself unconditionally
  15. The full moon connects me with all that I need to be happy, healthy, and successful
  1. I am connected to the divine energy of the full moon
  2. I am always surrounded by divine love
  3. I am open to receiving all the amazing gifts that the full moon has to offer me
  4. Through all the change and transformation, I remain at peace with myself
  5. I am beautiful and powerful just like the full moon
  6. The full moon helps me in letting go of all that is no longer serving me and my greater good
  7. I create my life with positive energy and self-love
  8. I enjoy divine guidance every moment of my life
  9. I let go of all negative affirmations and welcome positivity in my life
  10. I am receptive and open to all that universe is offering me
  11. I accept my desires without judgment
  12. All my needs are met instantly, effortlessly, and continuously.
  13. I am connected to my feelings and instincts
  14. I am empowered by the moon’s healing energy
  15. I feel peace in my soul and serenity in my mind
  1. I am abundant and prosperous on all levels now and forever
  2. The power of the moon is drawing me closer to my soulmate
  3. I open myself to receive the magic that the full moon radiates into my existence
  4. All my wishes come true and manifest in divine timings
  5. I am guided by the full moon to create miracles in life
  6. I am guided by the divine powers and I trust my intuition
  7. I live in deep gratitude and embrace change
  8. I am grateful for the loving will of the universe
  9. I create my destiny and fulfill my desires
  10. As I connect with the full moon energy, it sends healing to all areas of my body
  11. The full moon connects me with my soul’s purpose, creativity, and abundance.
  12. I am whole and complete in all ways and in all realms
  13. I am shielded from all negative energy, thoughts, feelings, and beings
  14. As this full moon rises in the sky, let it feel my life with love and light guiding me towards the manifestation of my heart’s desire
  15. My presence is powerful, my love is powerful, my being is powerful

  1. I am worthy inside and out
  2. I love all parts of me equally
  3. My true self shines brightly like a full moon
  4. My soul’s expression is beautiful and unique
  5. I love myself exactly as I am
  6. I compassionately release the old to make room for the new.
  7. I embrace change
  8. I let go of limiting beliefs
  9. I trust my inner power and listen to the wisdom of the Universe
  10. I release limits and boundaries. I embrace potential and possibilities.
  11. I release the need to control my life and surrender to a higher power.
  12. Everything is unfolding at the perfect time
  13. I trust my deep inner strength totally
  14. Everything is working out just the way I want it to

Creating a Full Moon Ritual

It is important to create a ritual for yourself. Whether you incorporate full moon affirmations in them or not, it's important to have a plan so that you are not coasting aimlessly through this powerful phase each month.

What is going to be a part of your next full moon ritual? Are you going to use some of the positive statements and inculcate positive thoughts and practice being grateful?

Or are you going to focus more on abstaining from self-sabotaging habits and negative thoughts first? Remember that each cycle is also a new chapter – a new beginning.

The moon rituals mentioned in the article will slowly seep into your subconscious. Embrace the change it brings with it, Be grateful for the opportunities that come your way, they may appear to be obstacles in the beginning.

And use the affirmations and practices in the article to create your own moon rituals. We'd love to hear about your rituals in the comments.


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