28 Best Weekend Quotes (with Sharable Quote Images)

Can’t wait for the weekend? Here are some fun Saturday and Sunday quotes to get you through the week.

By Jenny Dsouza ~

Happy Weekend Quotes

At some point in our lives, we’ve all looked forward to the weekend. On Monday.

Weekends are treasured and loved, even by those of us who absolutely love what we do. Weekends are days we let our hair down and just relax and recharge. So we can give our work our best next week.

Here are some quotes to get you through the week.

Henry Carey Weekend Quote - Lifeism

Us, too. We dearly love Sundays.

“Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday.”

— Unknown

Better days are coming. Right around the corner. They come 52 times a year to help tide us over the weekdays.

Happy Weekend Quotes - Lifeism

Mike Hammer has it all figured out. None of us are guaranteed a retirement these days. Let's make the most of what weekend we are given.

Weekend Quote by Unknown Author - Lifeism

A conundrum we haven't been able to figure out.

Bill Watterson Weekend Quote - Lifeism

When was the last time you did something completely pointless? What was it? Tell us in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.

Debasish Mridha Weekend Quote - Lifeism

Yes. We agree. Always happy to meet our friend.

Morgan Harper Nichols Weekend Quote - Lifeism

If you did nothing this weekend, that’s okay. You don’t have to be productive over the weekends as well. Just relax and do nothing. Sometimes that’s also doing something meaningful.

Robert Brault Weekend Quote - Lifeism

We love this one. Don’t you?

Zoe Saldana Weekend Quote on going away for the weekend - Lifeism

It's so important to take some time off and just be with your thoughts.

Derek Jeter Weekend Quote on Doing Nothing - Lifeism

We all want to do just that. Do nothing. All weekend long.

Anthony T. Hincks Sunday Quote - Lifeism

Time spent with Family is the best kind of weekend!

SUnday Proverb - Lifeism

We agree a perfect Sunday makes the coming week so much more peaceful, planned, and productive.

Anthony T. Hincks Weekend Quotes - Lifeism

Weekends make the week worth it.

Hanna Rhoades Friday Quote - Lifeism

Fridays should be fun. Always. However, you get to define “fun”, make sure Fun Fridays is a thing.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Quote on Weekend - Lifeism

Weekends add rhythm to life!

Lauren Oliver Friday Quote - Lifeism

Almost there. You made it. Just a tad bit more to go.

Ogden Nash Saturday Quote - Lifeism

That's exactly how we hope our phones do not ring on weekends.

John Shirley Weekend Quote - Lifeism

Sometimes, the weekends just slip away – the moment we think we are close. We realize we’ve passed it. Just like a rainbow.

Robert Rivers Weekend Quote - Lifeism

Let's not jump the gun. Let's stay in the now and enjoy today. Let's make the most of what we have.

Sage Wilcox Weekend Quote - Lifeism

Words of wisdom. In our race to get ahead and be someone in life, we often forget that we are being someone right now, too. That we can be happy now, too. Let's relax a little more. Enjoy the moment. Savor it.

Jack Johnson Weekend Quote - Lifeism

Just pretend!

Lou Brutus Friday Quote - Lifeism

How true. Music always sounds better on Fridays. Oh, the joy of anticipation.

Audrey Hepburn Saturday Quote - Lifeism

Audrey Hepburn knew a thing or two about weekends. Such a perfect way to spend them. Refuel and energized for what's coming.

Rod Schmidt Weekend Quote - Lifeism

And there are way too many on weekdays.

S.A. Sachs Weekend Quote - Lifeism

Yeah, at least there is football. Or baseball or cricket. Life is good on weekends.

Catherine Puslifer Weekend Quote - Lifeism

Isn't this how weekdays should be, too? Why can't we just define all days like this?

Jean Rhys Sunday Quote - Lifeism

Does not matter where you are based, we all feel Sundays the same way.

Jimmy Buffett Saturday and Sunday Quote - Lifeism

Admit it, you’ve crossed that line many, many times.

Loesje Weekend Quote - Lifeism

Really, why wait for the weekend?

Weekends are an opportunity to reset, rejuvenate and start the coming week with optimism and determination. We hope you enjoy your weekend with these quotes. Tell us your favorite one in the comments below. Have a great week ahead!


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