The Power of Imagination

The Power of imagination is the highest form of human intelligence. We visualize everything before doing it. Learn how to use its power here.

By Jenny Dsouza ~

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Before we do anything in our life, we see it in our minds. We imagine it, many times, subconsciously. We imagine what our wedding will be like, our homes, and our lives. Even seemingly little things like planning a holiday or baking a cake, we imagine it. We see the end result in our minds before creating it.

When we are children, imagination comes easily. We've seen little of the world at that time; we are young and hungry with health and vitality.

Over the years, however, we go through several not-so-pleasant experiences. We become jaded. We don’t stop imagining. But we let our experience color our imagination, almost always, in a negative way. Or worse, we stop expecting anything at all. And many times, we do all of this quite subconsciously.

We’ve been disappointed and let down so many times, that we rarely start anything with passion or a 200% commitment. We tread carefully, poke around the edges, and make our way carefully.

But you see, that’s what gives life (and even children) get their vitality and life. Diving in headlonging, only to have fun. Imagining a gala time – and not expecting anything else.

That is imagination at its finest.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Gloria Steinem on Lifeism

We love Gloria Steinem and couldn’t agree with her more, here. She goes as far as declaring that imagination = planning. That they are the same thing. So, if you are not imagining your life, you are not planning it. You are not consciously creating it.

So why imagination so important? There are many reasons, and over years, many famous personalities have expounded on its importance.

For instance, imagination quote by Albert Einstein goes like this:

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Albert Einstein on Lifeism

Facts and knowledge can be looked up. Information can be understood. But what you do with that knowledge and information is more important than the knowledge itself. And that is what imagination is all about. Putting together the knowledge to create something meaningful.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Carl Sagan on Lifeism

Imagination lets you create your own reality. If you are stuck in a place where you don’t want to be, imagine your way out. Keep working and keep imagining a brighter future.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Henry David Thoreau on Lifeism

If the world is our canvas, what are you painting today? What does the painting of your life look like? Remember, we are all oils on canvas. If you don’t like what you’ve painted so far, it's super easy to just start over.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Walt Disney on Lifeism

Imagination, truly, has no age. Who better to say that than Disney himself?

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Mohammed Ali on Lifeism

This Muhammad Ali quote is inspiring. According to the quote, unless a man has imagination, he cannot truly fly. Because he does not have wings. What he meant in this quote is that imagination is like having wings to fly. The experience is exhilarating.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Lewis Carroll on Lifeism

Often, we are bogged down by reality. We are sucked in and drawn out. The only way this can be undone is through imagination. We dont just get a breather from reality when we take a break, but we also start creating a different reality when we start imagining things differently in our lives.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Pablo Picasso on Lifeism

Studies show that for our subconscious mind, there is no difference between reality and imagination. So the best way to achieve life goals is to imagine what you truly want in vivid details. Of course, Picasso knew this secret well before these studies were done. Everything you can imagine can become real. Everything you can imagine is real.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Richard Bach on Lifeism

This quote by Richard Bach is actually a valuable trick. As noted in the article above, we know that our subconscious mind has no way to distinguish between reality and imagination. So the surest way to bring anything into your life is actually just imagining that you already have what you want.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Jamie Paolinetti on Lifeism

This quote by Jamie Paolinetti is also powerful. If you are ever feeling stuck, when your creative juices aren't flowing and problem-solving becomes difficult, come back to this quote. Come back and read it a few times. Your possibilities are truly endless.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Albert Einstein on Lifeism

Another one of Einstein’s famous quotes that builds on the earlier one. If you don’t know how to create marvelous things from knowledge, facts, and figures, then how is that helping anyone?

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Norman Vincent Peale on Lifeism

This imagination quote by Norman Vincent Peale is short yet magical. It equates our imagination to a magic carpet of Alladin. Our imagination can allow us to travel anywhere we want.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by George Bernard Shaw on Lifeism

This quote by George Bernard Shaw is our all-time favorite. We love it. This, in simple terms, is how we create all things in our lives. One little event at a time.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Mark Van Doren on Lifeism

What idea are you entertaining today? Are you still rerunning something from the past? Or creating something truly amazing in the present?

Famous Quotes on Power of Imagination on Lifeism

Another metaphor for imagination, this quote author is unknown. But we included it in our list anyway, because we love it. Imagination can bring your dreams to life.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by John Lennon on Lifeism

This quote by John Lennon is often misunderstood. While many think that Lennon was not happy in his reality, and that’s what he is conveying here, we disagree. We believe that Lennon is saying something truly profound in this quote. He is hinting at the powerful connection between our imagination and reality. It is our imagination that is truly creating our reality. And if our reality is not what we’d hoped for, then we need to put more thought into our imagination.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by William Blake on Lifeism

William Blake is also echoing what John Lennon did. Our now is just our imagination from the past.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Terence Mckenna on Lifeism

No restriction to entry, no ticket needed, no journey required. Just close your eyes and reach wherever you want. All you need is a little imagination. A beautiful quote by Terence Mckenna.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Richard Wagner on Lifeism

When more than three amazing personalities tell us the same thing, there must be some truth to it. Imagination, creation, and our life experience are all a vicious circle linked to each other.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Tony Robbins on Lifeism

In this quote, Tony Robbins takes imagination a little further. He believes that imagination is an important first step, but to make it really happen, we need commitment.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Demis Waitley on Lifeism

A formula as simple as it can get.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Duane Michals on Lifeism

How often have you listened to your gut? To that little voice that’s been trying to show you a path for a while?

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Jean Jacques Rousseau on Lifeism

We all know this instinctively. That we live in the real world where there are limits to what we can do. Rules of physics (if not anything else) govern us. But when it comes to imagination, we believe that Jean Jacques Rousseau is right. It's boundless.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Albert Einstein on Lifeism

Where do you want to go? You decide. You are the driver of your imagination.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Gilbert Chesterton on Lifeism

According to Chesterton, there are no rules when it comes to imagination. The world is your oyster. You create the rules. Or don’t. It’s up to you.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Nelson Mandela on Lifeism

A beautiful quote by Nelson Mandela on imagination. He credits his laurels and his success to the power of imagination.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Immanuel Kant on Lifeism

Haven’t you heard several times that happiness comes from within? That the situation outside does not matter, and that happiness is a choice? We believe that the root of all the above statements lies in this quote by Immanuel Kant. Reason and logic do not help us achieve all our goals. Its imagination. Think about that for a minute.

Quotes on Power of Imagination by Stephen Covey on Lifeism

Stephen Covey, one of our favorite writers, also says the same thing. Don’t live in the past by repeating it over and over in your mind. Imagine a better future. Imagine a better now and tomorrow. Call the life you want to lead into existence. Be stronger than your past.

Imagination is so much more than a word we grew up with. It's a plan, it's the creation from knowledge, it's a future we are bringing into existence.



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