Aesthetic Quotes that Will Center You for the Day

Aesthetic quotes are deep, laced with underlying meanings, and encourage us to look within for courage & strength. Read our curated aesthetic quotes here.

By Jenny Dsouza ~

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Aesthetic quotes have been around for years; however, it is surprising how little there is about them online. In fact, we see many quotes tagged as aesthetic but are certainly not so.

So, what are aesthetic quotes?

Aesthetic quotes are deep, laced with underlying meanings that are subtle and almost always positive. These quotes encourage looking within for courage and strength, talk about self-love, and are stoic in nature. They are not sad, love, cute quotes and are certainly not about art or the looks of things.

These quotes have gained popularity with Tumblr and Instagram as captions to nature photos and selfies. They are especially popular with solid color backgrounds like blue, pink, red, and yellow. They also make great wallpapers on the phone and the desktop.

14 Best Aesthetic Quotes

Blue aesthetic quote wallpaper - Make your heart the prettiest thing about you - Lifeism

This quote, like all aesthetic quotes, is more than what meets the eye. We are often chasing materialistic, seen, and tangible things that we forget, the intangibles are more valuable. Who you are is so much more than how you look. It is about the person you are on the inside. This aesthetic quote encourages us to look within and to make efforts to become better people.

Purple aesthetic quote wallpaper- Do all things with kindness on Lifeism

We believe in one thing above all -- kindness. We absolutely love this simple quote and think it is powerful beyond measure. But kindness is not just how we treat others. Kindness is how we treat ourselves. How we talk to ourselves. 

Greet yourself each morning with, "How are you feeling inside, today?" instead of something negative. If reducing negative self-talk is something you've been working on, read our article on Understanding Our Thought Patterns. We talk about why we stay in a vicious circle of negative thoughts and also given some actionable steps to get out of it.

Aesthetic Quote - Be the best version of you - Lifeism

We often try to emulate someone else. While looking at others for inspiration is good, just trying to be someone else altogether leads to frustration and failure. We all want to be part of a community and want to be accepted by society, when we do that at the cost of our authenticity and at the cost of hiding our truth, we are serving no one. Everyone else is already taken. Be the best you. Be you.

Aesthetic Quote - Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.- Lifeism

This quote by Oscar Wilde is deep and takes on a different meaning every time you read it. If you are going through something tragic and you do not understand why it is happening to you, just remember that something exquisite is on its way.

Pink and blue gradient Aesthetic Quote - I am not the best, but I am trying my best. - Lifeism

All healing journeys start with accepting that there is a problem. Even at the lowest points in life, if you can remember to just be the best version of yourself, that's enough. Let's not focus on what we are not, rather let's focus on what we are doing now so we can be who we want to be in the future.

Pink and grey aesthetic quote - Do something today that your future self will thank you for. - Lifeism

Take that vacation or that course that will skyrocket your career. Save money, invest in yourself, call your loved ones. Do something for yourself.

Pink and blue aesthetic quote - If it comes, let it. If it goes, let it- Lifeism

We love this simple quote by Olanow. It is about "being" rather than "doing". In our age, there is more importance given to acting and doing than just being. In fact, just being is what many describe as meditation itself. Sometimes, not constantly doing, but just being, solves problems.

Yellow and blue aesthetic quote - Taking care of yourself is productive- Lifeism

Because taking care of yourself means you will perform better. It is that simple. Self-care and self-love are important to serve others. We cannot help others unless we ourselves are okay.

Green gradient aesthetic quote - You deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else.- Lifeism

We love how powerful this quote is. We keep giving our unconditional love to our parents, partners, children, friends, our work, but we never stop giving that loving support to ourselves. We often talk negatively about ourselves in our heads, criticize our every move or call ourselves silly for a small coffee spill. It is about time we change that. Let's love ourselves. Let's be kind on the inside, too.

Yellow aesthetic quote - Be proud of how hard you are trying.- Lifeism

It is not about the result; it is about not giving up despite the results. It is about doing something because it is right. Because it is good for you. We are often so disappointed by failure despite our best efforts that we overlook the efforts. Rather than being appreciative of our efforts, we often just focus on what we have not achieved. Do yourself a favor today. Look back to all those times you've failed. And just look at the amount of hard work you've done. Be proud of your hard work. Be proud of yourself for doing it.

Orange aesthetic quote - You are the greatest project you will ever work on.- Lifeism

Have you ever thought about it in this way? You are the most important project you will work on. Everything you do to work on yourself will directly impact everything else you do. What can be more important than that?

Working on yourself is not a one-time thing. It is an ongoing project. Just like we bathe and brush our teeth each day, we must invest in ourselves. Spending time to work onourself is never wasted.

Pink and Yellow aesthetic quote - Slow progress is still progress.- Lifeism

We all have our own pace, why should we criticize ourselves for not going faster. We should dance to our own tune. Make our lives unique. There is more to life than making it go faster.

Simon Sinek Quote on Being the Leader You Wish You Had - Lifeism

This quote by Simon Sinek is one of our favorites. Taken from his book, "Leaders Eat Last", this quote is so popular that it is often uncredited to the writer. The quote encourages us to be the role model we wish we had when we were growing up. Would you look up to yourself?

Brown aesthetic quote- Seek to be whole not perfect- Lifeism, Oprah Winfrey

This quote is so empowering. Why are we always chasing perfection? Let us choose wholeness and completeness instead. Because perfect is overrated. When we seek to be whole and focus on ourselves, we learn to live with authenticity. Being authentic is not easy. It is probably the most difficult thing we do in our lives - opening ourselves up to vulnerability. If this quote inspires you, we recommend you read the article on Audre Laude Quotes on Bravery and Authenticity.

Red and pink aesthetic quote- To love yourself is the first secret to happiness - Robert Morely, on Lifeism

Only if we'd all known this when we were younger. If only practicing self-love was taught to us. Maybe we all would have turned out differently, unique and proud of ourselves, just the way we are. We would've all loved and respected our differences.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of aesthetic quotes. Do let us know your favorite aesthetic quotes in the comments below.



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