What is the Cord-Cutting Ritual and How to Perform It

In this article, we understand how cord-cutting rituals can help us, and we discuss a few ways to perform them in a safe way.

By Jenny Dsouza ~

How to Perform the Cord Cutting Ritual Lifeism

If you’ve been on the journey of healing and growth, you already know that we tend to accumulate a lot of notions and ideas based on our experiences daily. Not all of these ideas are worth imbibing, though. When we start believing in our limited ideas, it becomes harder to reach our full potential. We even end up sabotaging ourselves and our relationships, at times.

Cord cutting is a great way to cleanse those ideas, relationships, and energies that don’t serve you anymore and are bringing you down or stopping you from starting something new.

What is cord cutting?

Cord cutting is a way of releasing emotional attachments with someone or something. It’s done by cutting a cord (of memory, energetic ties, or emotions) that ties you to the person or thing. It’s a way of releasing negative emotions that you have towards an event in your past. It can be used to remove the relationship between two people, or it can be used to end relationships that have been toxic or abusive.

While cord cutting may sound simplistic, it is a powerful practice that helps us let go of the past, make space, and helps us begin a new journey in our lives.

If you’ve been in a vicious circle with your past, and nothing has worked, we encourage giving cord cutting a try. You will be surprised by the results.

You can do cord cutting for yourself, but it can also be used on other people as well.

What do you need to know before performing the cord-cutting ritual?

Before you begin cord cutting, we encourage you to think deeply about what you are about to do. Severing ties with someone or something can be very powerful. Taking the time to think through exactly what you want is a critical step before cord cutting. If you are thinking, “let me try and see what this is”, we encourage you to stop right here. Take time to learn more about cord cutting. Talk to someone you trust about what you are about to do. Cord cutting will only work if you are deeply invested in it and believe in it.

In addition, if you are considering cutting a cord with someone, that means you are connected to this person somehow. It's worth considering if it is possible to use this cord to heal the relationship.

This video dives deeper, and we recommend you listen to it:

Cord cutting rituals

There are many ways to perform the cord-cutting ritual. Some practices involve actually physically cutting a cord and severing ties while others involve visualization of cord cutting.

Broadly speaking, there are two main ways to cut cords.

1. The witch’s way to cut the cord:

This way of cutting chords is inspired by Michael Cardenas of Older Ways Apothecary.

We recommend planning for the ritual well in advance. Pick a day and time when you will not be disturbed. Take the time to create a space where you can safely conduct the ritual without being disturbed. Turn off all technology. Take the help of candles and diffusers. Purchase all items required for the ritual well in advance. Because this ritual involves a candle, it is also referred to as candle cord cutting ritual. 

Here is what you will need:

Florida water, black yarn thread (made of cotton) that is at least 1-2 meters long, sage, scissors, and a black candle. You will also need a fire-safe container.

CAUTION: Potential fire hazard. Proceed carefully and at your own risk.
Keep windows open, and your fire extinguisher handy. Follow all safety protocols.

Start by burning sage in the fire-safe container and sprinkling Florida water all around your home. The open windows will also help in releasing negative energy. Now sit comfortably (keep the burning sage in your line of sight or extinguish it). Take 20 deep breaths and focus on the cord you want to cut. Take the black thread and tie it around your legs and say, “this is the cord I want to cut” out loud a few times. Look at this thread as the toxic relationship you are trying to let go of and cut your connection from. Really focus and believe that this is what is stopping you and cutting this thread will release you. Meditate on the toxic experiences of the past that you are trying to get rid of. It is okay to cry. As you do, feel the negative energy of that experience leaving you and your body. Chant, “I release all ties that hold me back” a few times. Really imagine that cutting the black thread will free you.

When you are ready, cut the black thread and spray yourself with Florida water all over. Burn the threads and flush them (this is the easiest way to let them go in our modern life).

2. Cord Cutting Meditation

Another more modern way to cut cords is via meditation. There is no actual cord cutting, only a visualization that will help you release the energy that is stuck.

How to do a cord cutting meditation

Step 1: 

The first step is to get in the right mindset. You should be comfortable, either sitting or lying down on your back with your eyes closed. If you're meditating with a partner, both of you should be facing each other about 2 feet apart. 

Step 2:

For the first 2 minutes, play meditation music at 432Hz. This can easily be found on YouTube or Spotify. We have also included the link here so you don't have to search for it. Make sure that the volume is not too loud as you will want to hear your partner (if you are doing it with someone).

Step 3:

Either person can begin by saying something like: "I am now going to cut any cords that no longer serve me." This may sound silly at first, but it's an important step because it establishes intention—you're opening up and being vulnerable by talking out loud about cutting these cords! Speak this sentence out loud if you are doing the meditation yourself, and if the situation permits it.

Step 4:

Once you've defined your intention and opened yourself up emotionally (which is what this exercise is all about), take a deep breath and imagine pulling on those cords until they snap off (or whatever method feels right). 

Step 5:

Visualize snapping them off one by one until all the negative energy has been released from your body. Once all the negative energy has been released from your body and mind, imagine sweeping up all those pieces into a dustpan before dumping them into an empty trashcan outside your home (or current location) so that nothing remains inside.

Feel free to use this guided meditation on YouTube TV to cut cords:

3. Other ways to cut cords:

As we said, there is no correct way to cut cords. There are many other ways to perform the cord-cutting ritual. Here are some other, simpler ways:

  1. Bathing: For years, people have taken bath in the sacred river of India to release all sins. While going to bath in the Ganges may not be an option for you, you can use the meditations mentioned above to “wash away” and “release” the cords of the past that are holding you back. Be it a simple shower, jacuzzi, or bath soak, make sure to let the water flow out of your tub/jacuzzi and let it dry completely.
  2. Clarifying: You can cut cords by using incense and smoke to help you clarify the air and energy around you and within you. Just be cautious of the fire and smoke and make sure you don’t set off an alarm.
  3. Journaling: Just writing things down and letting go of your energy can help easily dissolve the cords. This method may take time, but it works just as wonderfully to cut the cords of a toxic relationship. We suggest storing your journal safely where you feel like you can express yourself completely without being judged. Don’t rush yourself. Once you are done with the journal, we recommend destroying it, burning it, and flushing the ashes. This completes the cord-cutting ritual.

Cord cutting ritual for twin flame

A twin flame relationship means that one soul is split in two. Or are mirror images of the same flame. When you meet someone and have an instant connection and they feel like they are just a reflection of you. When you want to cut cords with your twin flame, we suggest taking professional help from a witch. Twin flame connections are strong, and it takes a lot more energy and preparation to cut the cord. If you are not within reach of a good witch to help you, then we suggest the traditional witches' way of cutting cords as suggested above.


The cord-cutting ceremony is a great way to release cords of attachment so that you can move on with your life and find happiness in new relationships.

The cord-cutting ritual is not only a symbolic act of freedom, but it can also help you remove the emotional blocks that have been holding you back from having the love life you desire.


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