51 Root Chakra Affirmations to Reconnect with the Earth

Find stability, security, and feel grounded by practicing these root chakra affirmations.

By Jenny Dsouza ~

51 Root Chakra Affirmations to Reconnect with the Earth-Lifeism

We live in a fast-paced world where we sometimes get the feeling of being ungrounded like we are drifting through life with not much of an agenda. We may also feel like we are just doing chores that we’ve been told to do, but we are disconnected from everything around us. 

Many practitioners also believe that our disconnection with root chakra also enhances when we live high above in skyscrapers, away from the earth. We also spend very little time barefoot, walking on grass like our ancestors used to. As a result, we don’t feel the grounding of the earth. We haven't felt it in years. It is in times like these that root chakra meditations can be quite helpful.

Root chakra affirmations are also recommended for anyone who is struggling with issues of self-worth. If you feel like you're a failure, or if you have trouble believing in yourself, this meditation will help you get back on track. It's also good for those who are feeling ungrounded and disconnected from their body.

We all have chakras that run along our spine and tell us where we are in life. The root chakra is the first one, located at the bottom of your spine. It's associated with safety and security. When your root chakra is balanced, you feel secure in yourself and your surroundings. When it's out of balance, you might find yourself feeling insecure, anxious, or unstable in some way.

Affirming and meditating on your root chakra can help you feel more grounded in yourself and in your life overall. It can also help you release any feelings of unworthiness or insecurity that may be holding you back from being as successful as possible.

Among the seven chakras, the root chakra is usually the first one you open up. These affirmations will be most effective when practiced consistently without break. Root chakra affirmations are also recommended if you're going through a big transition in your life—like changing jobs or moving to a new city.

“With meditation, you become a sensitized superhero, completely in control, with endless possibilities at your fingertips.” — Tara Stiles

Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation is a type of meditation (focused breathing techniques) that involves the flow of natural energy through certain parts of our body which not only lead to health benefits but also an enriched state of mind. We must understand that Chakra meditation is a technique useful for inner healing and spiritual wellness. There are 7 different Chakras in the human body. Their location in the body truly marks the function and the powers they represent, depending on the nature of our lifestyle and psychology we should focus on the chakra compatible with us.

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is known as the ‘Muladhara Chakra’ because the word ‘Mula’ is a Sanskrit word for roots. The Root Chakra is at the end of the spinal cord near the pelvic bone. Just as the name suggests, this Chakra activates the energy that we get from Mother Earth itself. Being close to its energy source, the root chakra is a path to triumph over our trepidations and insecurities.

How to balance the Root Chakra?

Despite its ability to take us to a higher spiritual realm, this type of meditation also grounds us. We might not always be able to put our faith in the world to provide us with what we need to survive, but our connection to our higher self and our belief in a power outside of ourselves will offer us the security we require.

Whether we refer to that greater power as Consciousness, Mother Nature, God, or Spirit does not matter. Our sense of serenity and stability will be enhanced by our connection to universal energy. It is only the belief to be one with the natural energy emitted by the planetary vibrations of the planet earth that powers the root chakra core.

Half an hour's meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.
–Saint Francis de Sales

Root Chakra Affirmations

Root Chakra affirmations aim towards keeping our mind and body grounded. They express gratitude towards Earth and bask in the principal powers of safety and sturdiness that the land around us provides. These affirmations manifest similar goals when practiced in life.

Practicing Root Chakra Affirmations

Chakra affirmations require serenity in the background. Chakra meditation is not something to be multi-tasked with anything. It requires patience, mental peace, and focus. The best way to practice chakra affirmations is during the early morning when the mind can truly soak in the positive energies of nature. Chakra meditations should be preferably practiced in clean and open places having lots of natural light and air.

Beyond the physical background, it is also important to maintain a good mental temperament. We must Avoid being too emotional while starting this type of meditation. We should ensure that while practicing chakra meditation we do not attract and magnify negative thoughts from within or from the people surrounding us.

“Sometimes you need to sit lonely on the floor in a quiet room in order to hear your own voice and not let it drown in the noise of others.”
― Charlotte Eriksson, You're Doing Just Fine

51 Root Chakra Affirmations

Keep yourself grounded, stable, and strong with these root chakra affirmations.

  1. I am anchored and rooted to the land.
  2. I am appreciative towards life
  3. I have plenty.
  4. I am at ease with the world of things in which I reside.
  5. My physical health is good.
  6. I am self-sufficient.
  7. I derive power from the Earth’s core.
  8. I feel grounded and secure at present.
  9. I have faith in the power of positive energy that surrounds me
  10. I fit in this world.
  11. My base chakra is in maintaining balance.
  12. I am secure and rooted.
  13. In this world, I feel safe no matter where I am.
  14. I always feel secure.
  15. I am protected by Mother Earth
  16. I am stable and confident.
  17. The land nourishes me
  18. I release the bonds that bother me.
  19. All my needs are fulfilled
  20. I can find peace in solitude.
  21. I am financially secure.
  22. I am fortunate to have the means to take care of myself.
  23. I find comfort in the present moment.
  24. Everything I need comes to me at the right time and place.
  25. I amplify positive energy within me.
  26. I am emotionally stable
  27. My thoughts do not waver, because my mind is steady
  28. I am aware of the energy that resonates within me.
  29. I accept the power that Mother Earth bestows on me.
  30. I will thrive on this land
  31. The Earth heals me.
  32. I am optimistic towards the world
  33. I am as formidable as nature itself.
  34. I am safeguarded.
  35. I am prosperous.
  36. I am in control.
  37. I have awakened my soul and spirit.
  38. I am affluent.
  39. The Earth protects my conscience.
  40. The Earth has given me the courage and the power to create a beautiful world
  41. Divine energy will be released at the core of my physical body.
  42. I embrace the interconnectedness of the spiritual power of nature.
  43. My self-worth increases every day.
  44. My body is a blessing of strength and courage
  45. I breathe in success and breathe out failures.
  46. I have the power to motivate myself and others
  47. I have great reverence for the ancient power of Mother Earth.
  48. Nature guides me to strive for better every day.
  49. I build my life on the foundation of faith, peace, love, and trust.
  50. I am worthy of inner peace and vitality
  51. I submit to the power of nature and ask for vitality and prosperity

A weak root chakra leads to a constant state of anxiety, stress, and insecurity. We start reflecting feelings of doubt in our personal as well as professional life. This lack of self-confidence can be avoided with a daily dose of root chakra affirmations. These root chakra affirmations will kindle within you the power of the Earth to manifest the qualities of stability, nourishment, safety, etc. The effect of the root chakra affirmations will be visible once balanced with the power of other ‘chakras’

“Chakras are the sunshine and the medicine of your soul, full of the fragrance of love and light.” – Amit Ray

Comment below on your thoughts and experiences after practicing Chakra Mediation with our Root Chakra affirmations.


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