Celebration of Feminism and Womanhood - A Rupi Kaur Poetry Collection

When it comes to writing short poems, quotes, and verses that touch your soul, no one does it better than Rupi Kaur. In a way, she popularized Instapoetry.

By Jenny Dsouza ~

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When it comes to writing short poems, quotes, and verses that touch your soul, no one does it better than Rupi Kaur. In a way, she popularized Instapoetry. While most of Rupi Kaur’s literary work revolves around relationships, the immigrant experience, and sexual trauma, we believe that she shines when it comes to feminism & womanhood. She captures the pain, the struggles, the love, and the beauty in being a woman wonderfully. Rupi Kaur communicates many-layered complex feelings in just a few lines.

For Women’s History Month, we collected some of the best poems on womanhood by Rupi Kaur. We’ve kept the poem, the image as well as the captions that she uses. Rupi Kaur’s visuals and Instagram captions tie her words together in a beautiful garland.

Haven’t we all done this? Aren’t we all guilty of this? We have been told for years that looking good is the main function of women — in so many ways. Our well-meaning compliments can ingrain these ideas deeper. In this poem, Kaur makes an apology to the women she offended. More importantly, she makes a promise. A promise to do better. To appreciate what the women have become, not just what she was born with.

In this poem, Kaur points out that your body is your own. It’s no one’s business to tell you how you should look. If you’ve been judged or stared at or awkwardly pointed at for your body, know this — your body is your own. You are perfect just the way you are. Body hair or no hair — you choose.

This poem echoes the same sentiments as the previous one. The previous poem was specific, this one is a bold statement.

For a gifted poet like Rupi Kaur, it’s hard to pick a poem that you truly love. There are so many lines that are beautiful and resonate deeply. However, if we were to choose just one poem, this one would be it. This poem is simple and meaningful. The stories that women of color can tell cannot be penned into books. The sheer volume, horror, and pain is impossible for the books to hold.

Feminism is not just for men to understand us and value us. Feminism is also for us to value ourselves and each other.

This is another one of Kaur’s poems that talks about legacy and progress. We love it. Many times, we ponder the meaning of life. This is one of those meanings. To make it easier for the next generation. That is your role.

Everything you ever neede for this lifetime is within. Believing that what we want in life outside of us is our greatest fallacy. All of us, men and women, are born with everything we ever needed.

As we read Kaur’s poems, we see themes emerging. This is one of the strongest themes in her poems. Leaving this world a better place for those that come after we are gone. Making it easier for the next generation. Giving back. We absolutely love this poem and its visuals. So beautiful.

This Rupi Kaur poem is so much deeper than what meets the eye. Haven’t you been told that you are opinionated? Or indecisive? Both are unacceptable qualities. Her last line, “never be quiet” is a call to all women who did not speak up in that meeting, or during that family dispute, or even when she was wronged. This poem, to us, is a call to all women. To stand up and speak up. To be who she is destined to become. Even if that means she is opinionated.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of Rupi Kaur’s Poems on Women and Feminism. As we progress as a society, we need to open up more conversations that talk about the power and endurance of women all over the world. This might seem insignificant, but even a small act of encouragement can lift spirits and boost motivation to keep going for all of us. You can read the collection of Rupi Kaur Self Love Poems as well as more poetry collections here on Lifeism.


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