51 Free Kindness Coloring Pages

We've curated the best free kindness coloring pages from around the web so you don't have to scour for them. Perfect for kids as well as adults.

By Jenny Dsouza ~

51 Free Kindness Coloring Pages-Lifeism

Showing kindness, we believe, has the ability to change the world as we know it. Being kind to others affects the people and environment around us in such a wonderful way, that most times, we don’t even know the impact of our actions. Doing good in such a wonderful way, without actually expecting anything in return also rebounds the goodness of your acts of kindness multifold. It comes back to you in leaps and bounds and can change your own life in very unexpected ways.

Being kind often relies on our ability to be vulnerable. We may be taken advantage of or cheated by someone because we are nice, and genuinely want to help others. Being vulnerable and performing acts of kindness even after we’ve experienced some not-so-good incidents takes courage and determination. Being kind is simple, but certainly not easy.

Many times, even when we want to be kind, we tend to fall into our old habits and ways that we’ve cultivated over the years. In the moment, we often forget to show kindness. While we may know and believe in the importance of kindness, we may just not remember to practice it. It is in times like these that we realize that we need to embed kindness in our subconscious but just in our conscious minds.

One such way to make kindness a part of who we are is by using kindness coloring pages. By coloring something with a simple message, we are making it a part of our subconscious. We ingest the message of kindness as we color and read the word repeatedly. This is also a great way for children to practice kindness. To make kindness a part of your natural response, we’ve made a super-comprehensive list of free kindness coloring pages that we think you will enjoy.

And this list is not just any list, it's constantly updating, and we add new resources to it every day.

  1. Random Acts of Kindness: We love this website, and it has 6 fun kindness coloring pages that we love. These kindness coloring pages are perfect for kids of all ages. 
Kindness coloring pages
  1. Coffee Cups and Crayons: Here is another simple yet illustrative kindness coloring page: https://cdn.coffeecupsandcrayons.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Be-Kind-Coloring-Page-Printable.pdf
  2. Clipart Library: Clipart library has wonderful illustrations and they have created a full set of kindness coloring pages that you can find here: http://clipart-library.com/kindness-coloring-pages.html
  3. Chris Upheus: Another wonderful free resource is from Chris: https://chrisuphues.com/products/kindness-coloring-page-free-downloadable-pdf
  4. Art Basic: This one is particularly good for kids. It features a slogan, "It's cool to be kind." on it. https://www.artisbasic.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Cool-to-be-Kind.pdf
  5. Coffee and Carpool Img 1: This website has 15 cute kindness downloadable for free. However, they do ask for an email address to access them: https://app.monstercampaigns.com/c/zqqmot15tbhc4e4yxmjl/
  6. Coffee and Carpool Img 2: There is another free kindness coloring page on the same website which is also very pretty. You can download it here.
  1. Live a Little Ice Cream: We absolutely love this free kindness coloring page. It's perfect for kids and adults that love ice cream. You can get PDF for print here.
  2. Crayola: This free kindness coloring page says "Kind to the core". This is a perfect subconscious message for anyone trying to be more kind in their lives.
  3. Coloring Home Image 1: This free kindness coloring resource has plenty of downloadable and printable resources and options. However, we love this one that simply says, "Be kind". Feel free to download the one you love from the plethora of choices they offer: https://coloringhome.com/coloring-page/1873430?album=be-kind-coloring-pages#
Be kind free coloring pages
  1. Coloring Home Image 2: There is another free resource on coloring home. It is simpler than the one shown above and its primarily for kids. Here is the downloadable link: https://coloringhome.com/coloring-page/1995784
  2. Best Coloring Pages for Kids: We find that this website is a wonderful resource for free kindness coloring pages for kids and adults. They feature a variety of downloadable prints that all look fun to color and have strong messages of kindness in them. You can view the full free set of kindness coloring pages here. You can download the "You are Kind" Coloring page that we love here.
  3. Twisty Noodle: This is a cute kids' coloring page with kindness as the theme. Unlike the options above, this one does not directly spell the words "kindness" in them but rather shows it. You can download it here: https://twistynoodle.com/kindness-3-coloring-page/
  4. Teachers Pay Teachers: Here is a link to a beautiful and complex kindness coloring page. This one also offers the option to create a Jigsaw Puzzle that the kids first color and then put it together. This engages them and helps them to truly imbibe the message. You can download this resource for free here.
  5. Dreamstime: This particular resource also offers a few options for kindness coloring pages. We've done the hard work to cull out the free ones. You can view all the free options here and then download the ones you love. Note that you may have to sign up for a free account.
  6. Super Coloring: This website is a wonderful resource for kindness coloring pages in context. The images here are so meaningful that words are not needed. It also provides a lot of options if you want to make kindness a topic for your class. You can download the free coloring pages here: https://www.supercoloring.com/coloring-pages/tags/kindness.
  7. Mum in the Mad House: This resource is a single-image resource with a kindness coloring page that reads, "Kindness looks good on you". It also has beautiful floral elements around it that can be fun to color. You can download this resource for free here.
Kindness looks good on you
  1. Madison Schools: Another wonderful resource with about 6 sweet kindness coloring pages put together by Madison schools can be found here: https://www.madison-schools.com/cms/lib/MS01001041/Centricity/Domain/5499/Kindness%20Coloring%20Pages.pdf
  2. Better Coloring: We love this kindness coloring page. It features the text, "Because I have been given much, I too must give". We love the quote! To download it for free, click here.
  3. Master PDF: This resource is free but requires you to sign up for a free account before you can download the kindness coloring page.  Get it here.
  4. Tiny Values: This is a sweet kindness coloring page that kids will absolutely love. It shows a little girl sharing her ice cream with a boy who does not have one. It is perfect for teaching the value of kindness and sharing with others. You can download it here.
  5. New Orleans JCC: This resource has 5 printable kindness pages that are all equally pretty. This was shared by NOJCC on world kindness day. You can download it here: https://www.nojcc.org/clientuploads/Blog/2020/WorldKindnessDay-Coloring.pdf
  6. Welcome to Nanas: Here, the kindness coloring page features the text "be kind and compassionate to one another". The coloring can be a bit advanced for kids but it's nevertheless a fun activity depending on the age of the children. You can download it here: https://welcometonanas.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/WTN-Be-Kind-Coloring-Page.pdf
  7. Tomorrow's Leaders NYC: This coloring page has the words, "Be kind" on it and an elaborate design around it. It is a fun coloring page for both children and adults. You can download the page here.
  8. What Do We Do All Day: This resource has put beautiful kindness messages on bookmarks that children can color on and then cut out and use as well. It fosters the habit of kindness as well as the importance of reading. Using the bookmark of kindness, children and adults are also reminded of its message every time they use it. You can download it here.
  9. Easy Peasy and Fun: This blog has a wonderful kindness coloring page that we think adults will especially love. It has ornate flowers around the quote, "The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention". You can download it here.
Free kindness coloring page
  1. Unknown Source: Someone on the internet is truly kind (and anonymous). This is a Google Drive link with beautiful kindness coloring pages. The last time we checked, there were 15 kindness coloring pages in here. All of them are more complex but beautiful. They are wonderful for adults. You can see them here.
  2. Coloring Pages Only: This coloring page is for children and will work nicely for kids that are learning letters and words. It says, "K is for Kindness" and shows two children sharing. Download the resource here.
  3. Griggs: This downloadable coloring page has the quote, "Kindness will change the world". We love this quote and think it will be wonderful for both adults and children. It can be downloaded here. You can also see other resources and coloring pages here.
  4. Primary Games: This pretty coloring page says, "Be kind to yourself". We love this one since this hints at self-care. Many times, we are kind to everyone else around us, but we forget to treat ourselves with the same kindness. This little coloring page reminds us to treat ourselves with some kindness. You can download it here.
  5. Sharefax Credit Union: This cute kindness page talks about sharing kindness. It features cute animals that the kids will love coloring as they constantly read the quote over and over again while they color. You can download the PDF here.
  6. My Wonder Studio: This is also a coloring page for kids that are learning the alphabet. It also explains kindness a little on the page and shows a child letting little birds out of a cage and playing with them. You can get the PDF here.
  7. Urban Iskwew: This is a simple "Be Kind" coloring page with a pretty floral design that shows simple people and their hearts. You can download it here.
  8. Moments a Day: This downloadable features three cute rabbits excited about sharing carrots with each other. It also has some text around generosity. We love this one for kids. It can be downloaded here.
  9. Bada Namu: This kindness coloring page does not have any text, just shows different cute animals being with each other. This is perfect for small kids who can't read or write. It also has larger coloring spaces that small kids can easily use. It can be downloaded here.
  10. Life Vests Inside: This is actually just a coloring page, but also a coloring book. The book contains about 6 coloring pages that kids will absolutely love. It is available as a PDF here.
  11. Winkler Community Foundation: This resource also features 9 coloring pages that can be downloaded and printed. It is available here: https://winklercommunityfoundation.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Pay-it-Forward-Coloring-Pages.pdf
  12. Marydean Draws: This kindness coloring page is not just about kindness, but it also talks about other values associated with kindness such as humility, compassion, gentleness, and patience. It is available here: https://marydeandraws.com/2016/02/practicing-kindness-colossians-312-html.html
  13. Bright Sprouts: This website offers about twelve free kindness coloring pages and all of them are super cute, something that the kids will absolutely love. You can download the coloring pages here.
Make kindness a habit coloring page

  1. Christian Preschool Printables: This coloring page is a simple one for very small children. It features the word, "kindness" with a sweet smily face. You can download it here.
  2. Kidadl:  This one does not have any words on it but has a small girl sharing an umbrella with a dog. It is perfect for kids who are not reading or writing yet. Here is the link to the coloring page: https://kidadl.com/free-coloring-pages/kindness
  3. Coloring Only: This kindness coloring page is also primarily for little kids. However, it does have the words, "Be Kind" on it. It can be downloaded here: https://coloringonly.com/pages/printable-be-kind-coloring-page/
  4. Dana Milenial: This website offers a simple kindness illustration that says, "Be the I in kind". It is simple and gets the message across. You can download the coloring page here.
  5. You Color: This kindness coloring page is for adults for children that are a little more mature. It's a complex design that requires skill to color accurately. However, it is really pretty. You can download it for free here.
  6. Coloring Home: Have a new kindness coloring page resource you want to share with us? Which one did you love the most? Do let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.
  7. Pamela Groppe: This website has a wonderful coloring page with the fall theme, it says, "Sow kindness reap happiness" on it and is surrounded by pumpkins and vines. It can be downloaded here.
  8. Turkau: The kindness coloring page on this website has no words on it but shows three children helping out with cleaning. If you want to teach the importance of kindness and helping everyone, then this is a nice coloring page for kids: https://turkau.com/en/cp/free-kindness-cleaning-home-coloring-page/
  9. The Organized Housewife: This is a simple illustration where a fish and a tortoise are smiling at each other in the sea. It's a great coloring page for kids who don't know how to read and write yet. Here is the link to download it: https://theorganisedhousewife.com.au/craft/free-colouring-pages-for-kids/
  10. Online Resizer: This coloring page features the text, "A little bit of kindness goes a long way". It is perfect for kids who can read and write and has cute animals around it. You can download it here.
  11. Blogorama: This kindness coloring page features a cute little earth with a face and text that says, "In a world where you can be anything, be kind". You can download it here. You will need to enter our name and email to access the PDF.
  12. Healing Home: This is a wonderful set of 10 kindness coloring pages. These are perfect for kids as well as adults with beautiful designs and words of kindness. We love this set and it can be downloaded here.

Those are some of the best kindness coloring pages that are available for free around the web. We've picked the best ones and made an exhaustive list so it's easy for everyone to practice kindness and creativity. 

Do you have suggestions for including free kindness coloring pages in the list above? Comment below or email us so we can keep this list updated.


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