Sleep Affirmations for Confidence, Success, and Wealth

Experience the wonders of sleep and gain confidence, success, and wealth by practicing these sleep affirmations.

By Jenny Dsouza ~

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With the world hustling around us constantly, the boundaries between personal, professional, and emotional lives are gradually eroding. It is hard to remember the day when you went to bed on time and enjoyed a natural, peaceful, and dreamless sleep.

Like a lot of people, you probably don't even remember the last time your sleep quality was great. It is hard to sleep when your mind is racing from one thing to another, or when you are too stressed about something. The pre-bedtime screen time does nothing to help our sleep.

As our mental and emotional health erodes, we consume several articles on how to be healthy, we try to find tips and small hacks to treat our symptoms and not the disease. We know that eating well and exercising daily is what will keep us healthy. But we often overlook sleep. Eating well and working out is of no benefit without a good night's sleep. Improving your sleep patterns will help you more than any other lifestyle change you make.

Ignoring nighttime sleep to make your life more productive is not an option. The human body is a self-sufficient machine that rejuvenates itself for a new dawn mentally and physically through sleep. Just like an electronic system that needs to charge and reset, sleep is our natural reset. It is a positive state of relaxation and peace for our subconscious mind. 


Sleeping less has become a benchmark for having a busy and happening life. Nowadays youngsters brag about sleeping less or about pulling all-nighters. Society still perceives that men who are sacrificing their sleep and personal life to climb up the corporate ladder are at the pinnacle of success. Such notions and standards of society are gradually leading us towards agitated, depressed, nocturnal beings of the world.

This type of lifestyle is associated with type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular issues, obesity, poor mental health, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. These conditions that seemed rare earlier are alarmingly regular in today’s youth.

Importance of Sleep

Sleep is the period where your body does its own internal healing. During a good night's rest, the prefrontal cortex, a part of our brain releases growth hormones that help in muscle growth, chemical control, bone growth, and fat metabolism.

Here is a video explaining why we sleep and the science behind it.

Physical benefits of sleep

Despite medication, core training, and cardio there might not be much of the desired effect on the body. Actual muscle gain and fat loss occur during sleep. Bodies repair and get rid of any ailments during sleep. Sleeping increases our cognitive skills, energy, imagination, and problem-solving ability.

Mental health benefits

Sleep comes along with lots of mental health benefits like reduction in stress, and anxiety. It lowers the risk of depression and even increases life span.

Despite knowing the effects of good sleep, why don’t we have enough of it?

Why do we have trouble falling asleep?

We all have wished for a potion for dreamless sleep or a simple spell that shall directly wake us the next morning. Sleep requires a clear mind, thinking and stressing till the last minute before bedtime is the right brew to repel sleep. Many people resort to medication or substances for inducing sleep. This practice may seem lucrative however it is not a long-time solution. Giving up autonomy over a basic bodily function like sleep is a losing gamble.

Stress and anxiety

We live in a world where stress is a part of our life. There are numerous thoughts going on in our minds throughout the day. And this does not stop even while we sleep. Many people often feel that they are following a stress-free lifestyle, but such notions are nothing more than myths. Thus, learning how to manage our stress is important. Taking appropriate help, guided meditation, etc. are some of the ways to ensure appropriate stress relief.

Content consumption

Advancements in technology have eased our life greatly but the typical phenomenon of an active virtual one has gradually made our personal life asocial. Our brain is a supercomputer on its own, but it has limitations it cannot be bombarded with excess information and data on an everyday basis. Sometimes our excess screen time at work as well as personal use (social media, streaming services, videos), etc is an information overload for our brain. We often spend our time and energy unnecessarily predicting the plot twists in binge-watched series or mind-numbing consumption of byte-sized graphics. This lifestyle creates a chain reaction affecting our sleep.

For more effortless ways, read our article on 14 tips to fix your sleep routine.

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

If you are suffering through sleepless nights or face any sleep problems, try to set up a nighttime routine to stray away from restless nights and enjoy a good night's sleep. Night-time affirmations are one such way that can improve the quality of sleep. You can fall asleep quickly through night affirmations and some other techniques as well:

Take a walk

After you are done with your dinner, take a brisk walk under the moonlight. It reduces stress, cools down your body, and helps digestion.

Drink warm milk

After the walk, drink warm milk. Warm milk has sedative properties. You can add various spices like turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon stick, etc. to milk according to your preference.


Spend 5 minutes and write whatever you feel like writing. Whether it is any random thought or just how your day went. It will help you immensely in handling your emotions.


Reading a good book will calm your mind. It edifies and fills your subconscious with many insights.


You can take a shower if you wish. If not, wash your face and brush your teeth. Your feet have some points that connect to your brain. When you massage them, you feel light and sleepy.

Practice gratitude

Saying thank you is the best thing you can do before going to bed. It cultivates a sense of gratitude within you. You realize how lucky you are for having this amazing life.

Meditate using sleep affirmations

To end this routine, you can do the best possible practice to heal your emotional and mental body – meditation. Using positive bedtime affirmations while meditating will inculcate a sense of calmness, positivity, and happiness within you. These positive affirmations will reprogramme your mind and you will feel more confident, healthy, and energetic after waking up the next morning. Positive sleep affirmations increase the amount of deep sleep.

Making positive sleep affirmations a part of your bedtime routine will help in preparing your mind and your body for a good night's sleep. It acts like a signal to just wind down and prepare for worry-free sleep.

Positive sleep affirmations will also reduce sleep disturbances and negative thought patterns that you may have developed around sleeping. It is best to start by choosing one sleep affirmation or a bedtime mantra that resonates with you the most. There is no right or wrong way to practice sleep affirmations.

You can use the following bedtime affirmations while meditating. You can repeat these positive statements during your meditation, or you can record and hear them. Alternatively, you can just lie comfortably in your bed, ready to go to sleep, and repeat these positive affirmations in your mind.

Positive Sleep Affirmations and Bedtime Affirmations

  1. I am thankful for today
  2. I am enough. I am worth living this life
  3. I control my thoughts and the direction that I choose
  4. I am the creator of my world.
  5. I love my body profoundly
  6. I am more silent and less noisy
  7. My heart is valuable, and I take good care of it
  8. I protect myself from any bad vibration
  9. I am more willing and less ignorant
  10. I am thankful for the things I learned
  11. I am proud of all that I accomplish
  12. I am kind to myself
  13. I forgive myself
  14. I release all tension from my body
  15. I choose to be healed
  16. I let go of all that no longer serves me
  17. I let go of all that I cannot control
  18. I have the power to fulfill my dreams
  19. I am grateful for all that I have
  20. I am thankful for my blessings
  21. I am in alignment with my purpose
  22. I am safe and protected
  23. I am totally relaxed
  24. All is well in my world
  25. Life is beautiful
  26. I live in the moment
  27. I am calm and peaceful
  28. With each breath, I relieve my body of stress and anxiety
  29. I forgive others
  30. I feel good
  31. My heart is filled with joy and love
  32. I am ready for good experiences
  33. I have faith in my ability to focus and get things done
  34. I welcome true love
  35. Tomorrow is full of fresh possibilities
  36. I heal as I sleep soundly.
  37. Every day, I wake up strong, energized, and inspired
  38. Every day, I make the world a better place.
  39. I am going to have a restful sleep today
  40. I bid farewell to this day with joy and gratitude
  41. My mind and body are ready to rest and heal
  42. I heal as I sleep tonight
  43. My dreams are joyful and promising
  44. My dreams heal me
  45. I fall asleep easily

  1. I fall asleep soundly and easily
  2. I now enter a place of peaceful sleep
  3. My mind and my body are ready to rest. I am in my sanctuary. Everything will be okay!
  4. My dreams are a place for positivity and hope only. I believe in myself.
  5. My mind is full. I am letting go today. Tomorrow my mind and my body will shine again.
  6. I did my best today. I am ready to be recharged. Tomorrow is a new opportunity.
  7. I am grateful for my body; my body is relaxed. I look forward to tomorrow.
  8. My eyes are closing effortlessly. I will enjoy an undisturbed night of sleep.
  9. I feel safe in my sleep. My sleep calms me and recharges me for a better tomorrow.
  10. I am learning, I am growing, and I am excited for tomorrow. I believe in myself in the present moment.

The quality of human life depends upon nutrition, physical activity, and sleep. These are crucial for our development and health. These basic needs remain constant throughout our lives. Sleep affirmations and other pre-bedtime activities are simple ways to ameliorate your sleeping experience without any clinical medicines and therapies.

We hope these positive sleep affirmations help you fall asleep with ease.


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