Dear Future Self. This is for You.

This love letter is my gift to you, dear future self. May its words stay with you. With love, yours truly.

By Varangi ~

Letter to Your Future Self 1

Dear Future Self,

I know that this is a long-ish letter. I have taken the time to write down everything I feel. I hope this letter serves as a little beacon of support when things are tough. And as a reminder to cherish yourself and who you've become when the times are good.

I don’t know what life will be like for you. But I can assure you that you will be okay. No matter where you are, what you’ve done, know that I love you. No conditions apply. So, if you are in a bad place right now, I need you to stand up and give it another shot. Don’t give up, because I never gave up on you.

To show you my unwavering support, I am planting a few seeds today, so you can reap from them tomorrow. It is hard for me to give up on the things that provide instant gratification. But you are important to me. And these gifts are how I show my love to you. I hope you make the most of these gifts and pass them on to your future self.

I am letting go.

I am not going to hold on to things that happened to me in the past unless they are meaningful. I am letting go today so you can learn how to trust again and find happiness, tomorrow.

I am going to accept the pain and feel it. Process it completely so I don’t harbor any insecurities. I am completing this chapter of pain and suffering for you, so you don’t have to write it over and over again. For you, I am letting go of everything that does not serve me.

I am letting go of the pain and the suffering so you can hang on to love.

I am walking towards you.

With every little step I take, I am walking towards you. I am becoming the person you always wanted to be. With every decision I make, I am transforming into the person I’ve dreamed about becoming. A person who stands up for themselves. A person who looks at the long term as well as the short term. I am becoming strong and resourceful. I trust my instincts. Instead of questioning my every decision, I am learning to make the most of those decisions. I am gaining self-confidence and truly transforming into the person I'm destined to become. In many ways, I am coming home to myself.

I am walking towards you, so you never have to walk away from yourself.

I am making happy memories.

I am learning to make happy memories. So you can look back and cherish them, so they can be your healing salve in pain. I am making the time for meaningful experiences because I know that material things will not mean much to you, dear future self. These warm and fuzzy memories will be more precious than the things I accumulate for you. I celebrate life.

I will invest in these happy memories today, so you can reminiscence them tomorrow.

I am nurturing deeper relationships.

But I am letting go of the toxic ones. Not all relationships are meant to be. I am accepting that and letting go of those that limit us and break us. This one is particularly hard to do, but I know I must so I can truly be who I am.

The reality is those good relationships are the foundations of happy memories. It is important to care for the people who love you and believe in you. So I am nurturing those relationships for you today. So they can be the cushion you can safely land on when you fall on your back. Trust these people as you trust yourself. Because they love you no matter what.

I am nurturing deeper relationships today so you can take solace in their depth tomorrow.

I am practicing gratitude.

I am practicing gratitude today so I can value what I have, instead of worrying about what I don’t have. I know from experience that gratitude instills calm and peace within. So I will take the time to practice gratitude. So you can carry forward that habit to the future. So it’s easy for you to be thankful and to count your blessings. So even when life seems to be unfair and unnerving, there is a little piece within you that knows you are blessed.

I am practicing gratitude today, so you know the true value of what you have tomorrow.

I am being positive.

For you, dear future self, I am being positive. For I know that you will face the direct results of what I think today. I know that my thoughts will affect you. It will shape your reality for years to come. So today, I will choose to be positive. I will choose to plant the seeds of thought that will serve you. I will stay away from the cycle of negativity.

I am learning to manage the inner critic so you can get out of your own way of success.

I am adopting kindness.

I choose to be kind to others and myself. Because I know that what annoys me today may not be relevant tomorrow. I choose empathy over hurt and hatred to create a kinder world. I am controlling my anger and judgment because I know that words are powerful. They have the ability to create and destroy a lifetime. I chose to be kind today, so the world is kinder to you tomorrow.

I adopt kindness today so it can grow into a wonderful world tomorrow.

I am cultivating self-respect.

Slowly but surely, I am learning to respect myself. So tomorrow, you can respect yourself. I am distancing myself from the people who don’t respect me, so you don’t have to deal with them in the future. I am letting go of the toxic people in my life and the toxic mindset that sabotages your chance of success. I am learning to live by example.

I am cultivating self-respect so you can be anyone you want to be in the future. 

I am pursuing growth.

I am staying relevant by learning new skills in every aspect of life. Sometimes I learn from my failure and sometimes I learn from mentors. It does not matter how; I carry the lessons, so you don't have to make the same mistake again in the future. Some of these lessons were learned at a great cost, others were offered for free as valuable advice. I am learning them all so I can pass them on to you.

I am pursuing growth so you can soar the sky.

I am dreaming big.

It takes the same amount of effort to reach the moon and the stars. So I am aiming for both. I am aiming for those big bold dreams that the world told you weren't for you. I am aiming higher because I know those dreams belong to you. I am working on those moonshot ideas because I know they can be possible. I am keeping the faith. I am keeping the fire aflame. Burning bright.

I am dreaming big so you can sleep in the satisfaction of their achievement.

I am working hard.

I am giving it all I have. I am working hard because I know you deserve nothing less. I am working hard because it is rewarding. It is empowering to know that you gave it all you had before you went to bed. I am working hard not just because I do what I love but also because I have come to love what I do. I toil to quench my soul and to see the fruits of success tomorrow.

I am working hard so you can build from its solid foundation.

I am inculcating better habits.

Small moments make a minute. Minutes make a day. Days make weeks and weeks make a year. What we do each moment is who we become. So I am inculcating better habits. I fail sometimes, but I start all over again. Just for you. Creating good habits is hard, but they can impact our entire life.

I am inculcating better habits so you can live in grace for a lifetime.

I am taking care of my health.

No amount of money can give us our health. So today, I am taking care of my body. I am eating the right foods because what I eat makes me who I am. I am taking the rest I need. Because there is no glory in depriving sleep. I am nurturing my body by exercising it because a healthy body is the biggest gift, I can give you.

I am taking care of my health so you can lead a life of vitality.

Dear future self, even though I am doing all of this, I expect nothing in return. This is a gift that I offer to you. And like I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, I love you, no matter what. I just want you to be happy and true to yourself. I want you to have everything in life that you deserve. Because you deserve nothing but the best. And you deserve the world.

Remember to sprinkle a little love and kindness on yourself and on the world. Once you do, you will know no other way.

Always and Forever,
Yours Truly.


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