25 Reasons Why We Love Reading Books

Reading is a privilege. Often, we take this gift for granted. Here are some quotes and images for book lovers to appreciate the magic of reading.

By Richard Williams ~

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Books carry a whole world within them. Books, like people, have personalities. Reading a good book is like making a new friend - understanding their journey, and experiencing a different view of the world. Benefits of reading books are abundant. Whether you like fiction, self-help, philosophical writing, or maybe just bedtime stories with the little one, make sure you curl up with your paper friend today and replace the bad habits of screen time before bed.

There are many studies that took place in the past few years that infer books can actually alter our brains. If you don't believe us, read this article by Inc. This is what a good book can do to your brain. Thus a person who loves reading novels, benefits in the long run. 

Science aside, we love reading for many, many reasons. They are summed up below in quotes and images by some of the most famous and influential people. We hope you love this curation and pick up a book right after you finish reading this post :)

To find words for what we already know

Quotes for Book Lovers by Alberto Manuel - Lifeism

These words hit right home. With all that’s going on in the world right now, books offer solace in our daily routine. Whether you are feeling low or need some inspiration, a good read can lift your spirits and help young bibliophiles process life with patience.

Books get through to us

Mortimer Adler Quotes on Books - Lifeism

We can all admit to being a part of “reading challenges” or “reading marathons”. While this could prove helpful in inculcating reading every day, it is only when we are mindful about the books we read and respect their message, do they get through us and make a difference. Self-help books like 101 essays, Think like a monk, and many more change your perspective towards looking at life.

We can travel without taking a step

Jhumpa Lahiri Quotes on Books - Lifeism

Reading a book is like taking a journey or finding long forgotten love. We can explore another universe, see it through someone else’s eyes, and live in the pages of a book. They offer insights about various facets of life, without us having to move.

They teach us to be better

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes on Books - Lifeism

Books, especially classic novels teach us more about the way of life than anything else ever does. They help build our intellect, sharpen our skills and induce good habits. They help us broaden our mindset and acknowledge what we have in our life. This results in healthier relationships. Every knowledgeable person is an outcome of reading over the years. 

They have the power to change the world

Book Lover Quotes Malala Yousafzai - Lifeism

Malala brings forth a poignant fact. When empowered with an opportunity to learn, a child can change the world in ways more than one. Research has shown that children who develop a habit of reading with their parents have higher cognitive strength and creativity as they grow up.

They offer a lifeline

Harper Lee Quotes on Books - Lifeism

No one “likes” to breathe. It’s something we do involuntarily because, well, life demands it. A moment of suffocation brings out how crucial it is to keep breathing. In the same way, the moment we realize that we are passing by great stories do we pay heed to books. Don’t let this be you, pick up a book today and dive right in.

Reading is a lifelong love affair

Mark Haddon Book Quotes - Lifeism

Books don’t judge you for your past, books listen. They listen when you are troubled and provide comfort by whisking you away from reality, albeit for a few moments.

Reading makes you who you are

Louis LAmour Book Quotes- Lifeism

That is the magic of the written word. It stays with you long after you’ve finished reading it, sometimes inspiring you, uplifting you, feeds the voracious reader within you and even making you question your beliefs to make you grow and widen your perspective.

With books, you can be lifelong friends

Joy of a Good Book Quotes Paul Sweeney - Lifeism

We’ve all experienced this, right? Every time we finish a b

ook and come back to the humdrum of reality, it feels like we’ve lost a dear friend, who has been on a journey with us, sharing and caring for us all along.

Books expand our imagination

Roald Dahl Quotes on Books - Lifeism

Today, try spending time reading a book in the time instead of binging the tenth rerun of your favorite show- it will change you. Books take us to our own imaginary land. They increase our creativity and fascination. For eg, decodable books are created in a way that enhances children's intellect and imagination power. These are the books everyone should read. 

Reading helps us create a vision for our lives

Dr Suess Quotes on Books - Lifeism

Books are such a treasure of knowledge. They carry in them the depths of wisdom. Seek to spend time with books and they will never disappoint.

They help us rise above the ordinary

Jim Rohn Quotes on Books - Lifeism

We are all born the same. What matters is how we choose to fill up our time. Those who spend time reading experience amazing things. Books prepare them for all the marvelous opportunities life has to offer.

It helps us lead many lives in one lifetime

George RR Martin Quotes on Books - Lifeism

You live, breathe, and die a thousand lives when you read a book. You fight demons, find your soulmate, learn new things, discover yourself- just through the bounds of a book. All in just one lifetime. Reading fulfills us in ways words cannot define.

We can talk to people from another century

Descartes Quotes on Books - Lifeism

A book has its own character, just like all of us do. And that’s because the writer imparts a part of his own personality to his work. You can feel their thoughts and emotions when you read their book. It is an intimate reflection of their thought process. Isn’t that intriguing?

Reading takes us on unbelievable and unforgettable journeys

Anna Quindlen Book Lover Quotes - Lifeism

A good book has the power to transport you to your imagination. They can steal you away from the humdrums of reality. A good read is a journey through words.

Reading helps us dream big

Neil Gaiman Quotes on Book Love- Lifeism

Books are the best way to travel. All you have to do is immerse yourself in one and let your imagination take over. Reading can help us expand our visions, dream bigger, and make our lives better. In many ways, reading enriches our dreams. It helps us pursue purpose that our life serves.

Reading brings magic to our lives

JK Rowling Quotes About Reading - Lifeism

JK Rowling, writer of the Harry Potter series, one of the must read books of all time is right of course. She always is. But this is not just a matter of belief. This is true even scientifically. When you read a book, it changes the circuits of your brain. This is what scientists are calling neuroplasticity.

Stephen King Quotes on Books - Lifeism

Stephen King, one of the most successful authors of our time, is absolutely right. In the world of Harry Potter, we’d describe books as portkeys. An object that will transport you to another place as soon as you pick it up. Books are a certain type of magic.

We can be at many places at once

This quote is so relevant when we just have to stay in one place. As the pandemic rages on outside us, as it brings the world to a halt, books are the only real escape. Books remain the only way to travel while sitting in the safety and comfort of our homes.

Reading sets us free

Fredrick Douglas Quotes on Books - Lifeism

Whatever you need in life, you are likely to find in between the pages of a good book. It sets us free from our own reservations, negative thinking, and expectations.

Reading brings joy

Thomas Wharton Quotes on Books - Lifeism

Thomas Wharton was indeed a book lover. In our fast-paced life, we rarely take the time to just dwell on a book. To let down our hair and read, without a care in the world. To escape to whatever dimension of reality you want. How else would you describe paradise?

Books take us on adventures

Llyod Alexander Book Quotes - Lifeism

Can’t step out? Stuck at home? Feeling bored? And anxious? Just grab a book. It will be the safest and the best kind of adventure you venture on.

Reading brings stillness to our lives

John Green Quotes on Books - Lifeism

When you read, you are only listening. You are not interrupting the narrator or the author of the book. Reading gives you the patience to listen completely to someone and not assume what they are thinking. Reading helps you develop empathy. Be it on a subway, seat of the toilet, or under the covers of your bed, reading can bring calm in the chaos of our lives.

Reading makes us thoughtful

Fran Lebowitz Quotes on Books - Lifeism

We tend to believe that our thoughts are right. We believe that if a thought occurred to us, it's correct. But that is not true. Our assumptions have been thwarted many times, haven't they? Reading gives us knowledge. But if you think about it, it's not just knowledge, it is also wisdom. Reading teaches us not just what to think but also how to think. It also increases our cognitive biases.

Reading leads us to tomorrow

Margret Fuller Quotes on Books - Lifeism

Readers experience several lifetimes in one life. The learnings that come from reading the experiences of others lead to immense personal growth in IQ, Emotional intelligence, and even spirituality.

Reading helps us discover who we are

Reading can unravel sides of us that we never knew existed. We peel the onion of our personality with each book, at times with surprise and awe at ourselves. Reading can not just change how we think, it can also change how we feel. Great books question our assumptions and challenge us to be better.

Reading has a major influence on our lives. These are just a few reasons why we love reading. What are your reasons? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.



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