Love and Legacy of Baba Ram Dass

He touched millions of lives and his words spoke to our souls. In this post, we draw inspiration and love from the life and words of Baba Ram Dass.

By Richard Williams ~

Baba Ram Dass Quotes

Ram Dass or Baba Ram Dass was born as Dr. Richard Alpert in the United States. He grew up to become a well-known psychologist. When he went to India for the first time in 1967, it changed the course of his life. The transformation was so significant, that it eventually led him to take on the name of Baba Ram Dass. The name was bestowed on him by his Guru and means “the servant of God”.

Ram Dass studied over 11 different spiritual and religious methods in detail and was an expert in his own right. He has conducted multiple breakthroughs in the field of psychedelics. He also founded several non-profits that helped people from all realms of life. A teacher of love, unity, and oneness, Ram Dass’s words on love, spirituality, life, and death are profound. He was cherished and revered by many and for good reason. He chose to spread love and joy wherever he went. He was charming, relatable, and was able to speak to people's souls.

He has also authored several best-selling books such as “Be Here Now”, “Still Here”, and “Paths to God” that detail his thinking and ideology.
Learn why books are important in our lives and why one should read them.

Let’s enjoy the journey together, learn together and grow together. Let’s make the most of the time we have today, the time we have now.

Let’s not worry about the past or the future. Let’s not sacrifice what could be for what is.

These three words define the work of Ram Dass more than anything else. He singularly impacted the lives of millions of people by helping them detach themselves from the past and the future.

It’s not just about hearing what others say. It’s about hearing the songs of your soul.

Worthiness is not earned or bestowed upon just a select few. You are worthy. You are deserving. You are perfect just the way you are. Be you. Because the world needs you. That’s why you are here. That’s your role. To be you.

Ram Dass Quotes on compassion- Lifeism

We are more similar than we are different. We are stronger together – united. We need to realize this now more than ever. We need to care for and accept each other. Not playing the blame game in the name of differences and wars. We are in this together.

Ram Dass Quotes on loving yourself - Lifeism

These words from Baba Ram Dass touches on concepts of self and identity. This concept can be explored further in the book of Michael A. Singer, author of “The Untethered Soul”. At the end of the day, we are pure consciousness having a human experience.

Ram Dass Quotes on being present - Lifeism

The moment you can let go of the self and the moment you are comfortable with becoming nobody at all, it gives you the power to become anybody you want. Because when you are already somebody, there is no room to become anybody else. Cryptic, but true. Read that one more time.

Ram Dass Quotes on letting go- Lifeism

Just let it all go. There is no glory, bravery, courage, or wisdom in hanging on to things that don’t serve you. There is no prize for the one who suffers the whole life. Let go of what you’ve been holding on to. This enlightening quote by Ram Dass is taken from his book, “Paths to God: Living the Bhagavad Gita”.

Ram Dass Quotes on inspiration- Lifeism

Have you been inspired lately?

Ram Dass Quotes on power of emotions- Lifeism

Emotions come and go. They create forceful, strong currents sometimes. Know that they are all transitional. They will pass. Much like the waves and the weather.

Ram Dass Quotes on feeling valuable- Lifeism

Your worthiness does not depend on your job title, your salary, your marital status, or the way you look. You were born worthy. You are worthy. Despite any event in your life. You make this world what it is. Let go of those unworthy thoughts. Believe in yourself. Choose love over fear. Belief over fear. Choose to inspire love.

Ram Dass Quotes on bauty of life- Lifeism

In this quote, Ram Dass encourages us to look at our life as a piece of art. As the artist of your life, you decide what you want to paint on its canvas. Life is not happening to you; you make the life happen.

Ram Dass Quotes on being present- Lifeism

Relish in the reality you’ve been served. Be grateful for the nourishment you’ve been given. The best-laid plans are taken over by life. Stay in the now because it's the only guarantee we have.

Ram Dass Quotes on Self growth- Lifeism

There is a lot of power in this quote. The idea that the best we can do is to work on ourselves can come as a relief. At the same time, it is also a powerful thought. All we need to do to help others is to help ourselves.

Ram Dass Quotes on value of silence - Lifeism

There is often so much that is left unsaid between us. The people we believe are closest to us are unaware of our deepest struggles. Ram Dass advocated sharing them and caring for them when they are shared. He believed in looking beyond the silence.

Ram Dass Quotes on suffering - Lifeism

This is one of the most profound thoughts from Ram Dass. His words were often like a healing salve for those who were suffering from emotional wounds.

Ram Dass Quotes on togetherness - Lifeism

The above teachings and quotes by Ram Dass are chosen from his various books. Ram Dass passed away in his home in Maui in 2019. His life’s work continues to help humanity today through his various non-profits, foundations, films, recordings, and books.

We hope you found this post inspiring and enjoyable. What words of Ram Dass were you most inspired with? Let us know in the comments, we'd love to hear from you.



I like Ram Dass, this is good collection of his teachings.

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