5 Ridiculously Simple Tips to Calm Yourself

Are you struggling with anxiety or brain fog every now and then? Try these simple tips to calm yourself and change your mood.

By Varangi ~

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Anxiety can hit us anywhere.

As the world around us changes, many of us have panic attacks and experience some form of anxiety. Even stressful news on the phone, email, or text can put us in a bad mood or in an anxious, worried state. If your attacks are severe, we recommend seeing a therapist. Don’t try to tackle this yourself, get some help.

If your anxiety is relatively minor and happens infrequently during stressful situations, here are some tips to help you calm down.

Please don’t perform these while you are driving or operating heavy machinery. Make sure you are in a safe and comfortable space and are able to close your eyes without it being a risk to yourself or others.

Put a hand over your heart.

Putting your hand over your heart and gently rubbing the chest with your hand can greatly help in calming down. Make sure that you are breathing deeply as you do this. If possible, repeat your favorite mantra if you have one. If you don’t, just say “I’m okay”.

You will feel better as you repeat this with your eyes closed.

Put a hand on your forehead.

Our foreheads act like giant magnets. Putting your hand on your forehead rushes the blood to the mind, which is then supplied with enough oxygen and nutrients to become alert and calm down. As always, take deep breaths as you do this and close your eyes if possible.

Perform the Wim Hof Breathing Technique.

Wim Hof, an entrepreneur, world record holder, healer, and coach developed a breathing technique that has helped hundreds of thousands of people. The technique is simple. It involves lying down on your back and breathing into your stomach, lungs, and your head, and releasing the breath. Do this 30 times. Practicing this technique has scientifically shown better oxygen flow through the blood.

You can learn how to practice the Wim Hof Method in the video below:

Give yourself a hug.

The feeling of getting a hug from a loved one is incomparable to any other. Hugs, if you ask us, are natural immunity boosters. If you live alone or are not around anyone you know, try giving yourself a hug. Do this closer to your shoulders and your heart. Hold this pose for at least 10 seconds to feel the full benefits. This can help you calm down a little and feel more balanced.

Comb your hair.

This sounds simple, but it is powerful. Combing your head rushes the blood to your brain and generates happy hormones. If you have the right kind of hairbrush or even a good comb, this can feel extremely relaxing. Aim for at least 50 strokes before you stop. Remember to close your eyes and breathe deeply as you do this to feel the full effects of this technique.

We hope you find these super simple tips helpful. We know that many of these tips are simple. But they serve as reminders for us so when we are in that situation, we know exactly what to do. Try these tips out when you are not upset or feeling anxious. See how you feel as you perform each of them. Which one works best for you? Make a note and let your loved ones also know so they can help you and remind you to try them out.

Let us know what tips work best for your. We’d love to add it to our list and help as many people as possible.



combing the hair was very interesting thing, I never thought it will calm you

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