3 Simple Gratitude Practices for Personal Growth

Gratitude sustains positivity in life. Yet being positive and grateful doesn't come easily. Here are 3 simple gratitude practices for personal growth

By Richard Williams ~

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When you are forced to coop-up at home, cut off all social interactions, and are surrounded by negative news all around, it is difficult to see the good in life, let alone chart a path for personal growth.

If you’ve been on edge for over a year, consider that you came across this article because you needed to see it. Maybe this is a new journey calling - to begin the healing process.

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There is no silver bullet that will instantly take you off the ledge of fear and anxiety we’ve all been living on. But there are some simple practices we can commit to that can start us on a path home.

Take Mindful Mini Breaks

We are all swamped with work. Be it our jobs, taking up a second one to meet expenses, taking care of children, household chores, or all of the above. Time is a scarce commodity today. If you find yourself overwhelmed often, take mini mindfulness breaks.

Put a reminder every 2 hours to take a break for a minute. During this minute, close your eyes (if possible), and start taking deep breaths. Inhale and repeat, “Thank you for another day to shine my light and give thanks for all my blessings”. Then exhale. Repeat this for a minute and try to relax your muscles as you do the exercise.

This seemingly simple technique works on your mind and your body at the same time. Deep breaths help in lowering your heart rate and the affirmation of gratitude helps in calming your mind and letting go of the negativity. This affirmation is by Kathrine Mayer and works wonders when combined with the Mindful Mini Break.

Arigato Your Money

There is no denying that the pandemic has added to financial problems. If you have been struggling with financial issues, Arigato Your Money. Arigato in Japanese means Thank You.

Each time you take out your credit card or make a transaction online to pay for something you need, say Arigato, or say thank you for a moment.

This concept was first written by Ken Honda – bestselling author and writer on the subject of money. The idea is to thank money for the services or goods that you need. Thanking it for serving you well and giving it good wishes so it serves its receiver,too. Each month, before you pay your bills, Arigato them. Arigato each of your credit card transactions.

Do this when you also receive money. Be it your paycheck, cashback, or even change you find on your morning walk. Arigato it.

If the word Arigato does not work, use Thanks or Thank you. This simple act of saying thanks to your money will reduce the constant feelings of lack and help you attract a better financial future.

Give Digital Smiles

Since the pandemic, our lives have been taken over by technology, it has become our primary means of communication. We are constantly on our screens, writing emails, texts, attending Zoom calls with colleagues, or FaceTime with family members and friends.

Giving digital smiles involves taking a second right before you answer your phone or give someone a call and doing a simple thing – smile. Each communication and interaction with someone is an opportunity to create paths to personal growth. Smiling and repeating, “Thank you for turning every opportunity into a positive experience” is a powerful practice. It will help start your meetings with the right attitude and set the tone for the entire interaction.

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There is tremendous research now, for years, that show the importance of gratitude in all areas of life. Be it performance professionally, combating depression, or healing a chronic illness, gratitude is the common denominator for healing. These 3 steps put together will not take more than 10 minutes throughout your day, but they will make you feel less stressed.


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