Paths to Abundance and Financial Freedom (Part 1)

Let's face it, most people struggle to manage their personal finances. Read on for a path to financial freedom with abundance mindset.

By Richard Williams ~

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Before we start, take a moment to think about the quote below:

Tony Robbins Quote on wealth and scarcity - Lifeism

The fastest way (and the only way) to be abundant is to start with abundance, not scarcity. However, this is challenging, given that scarcity is very real. Not having enough in the account to pay bills, rent, tuition, etc. are significant issues we face when we struggle with our finances. How do you deny that reality?

For many, working hard is not a problem, the issue is, even after working hard and giving everything, it is not enough to make ends meet. In situations like these, we are trapped in the cycle of scarcity, unable to see a way out of it.

If finances have been stagnant for you, or worse, have taken the u turn, the best place to start is an abundant mindset.

So, what is an abundance mindset?

In the simplest terms, an abundant mindset is the deep knowing that there is enough for everyone in this world. It is a belief that you have all the tools you need to live your best life. And everything will become available to you as and when you need it. That it is not about win-lose, but about win-win. While an abundant mindset can mean different things to different people, here are a few specific descriptors that help us daily:

You are enough

Everything starts with you. And the buck also stops with you. Knowing that you are enough and believing that you have the capability to achieve the level of financial success that you dream about is more important than anything else. Unless you have the courage and confidence that you can do it, financial freedom will be hard to achieve. The best thing you can do is to learn and develop that confidence. There are many ways to go about it. Ask a friend, who has this quality and request if they can coach you, spend time with you to help you through your hurdles. You can get professional help if this is particularly challenging for you. You can even hire a coach or take an online class that may help you (Mindvalley, for instance, has many such courses). There are many ways to develop a belief in yourself. Make sure you start with believing in yourself first before going ahead.

Here are some quotes to help you get started on the journey of believing that you are enough:

Lauren Jarvis-Gibson Quote on greatness - Lifeism
Walt Whitman Quote on being enough - Lifeism
Meghan Markle Quote on being ebough - Lifeism
Aslan Quote on doubting your value - Lifeism
Sarah Prout Quote on being worthy - Lifeism
Suze Orman Quote on valuing ourselves - Lifeism

There is enough for everyone

Once you have confidence in yourself, this step will become much easier.
For years, subconsciously, the idea of scarcity has been drilled in us. There are only certain seats available in a top school, only the best will get that scholarship, if he wins, I lose. Our view of the resources is quite binary – if he gets it, I do not. But an abundant mind does not work that way. When it comes to abundance, there is enough for everyone. The universe is vast and large. It has infinite resources at its disposal. There is no way any of us can truly know its vastness and power. Just because you did not get that promotion does not mean that you lose. It means that a better opportunity is waiting for you around the corner. Life has figured out a way to make both your dream come true. Believe that there is truly enough to go around. Things will always work out for you if you believe and work towards it.

Here are some quotes on the universal abundance:

Eileen Caddy Quote on expecting abundamce - Lifeism
Lao Tzu Quote on whole world belonging to you -Lifeism
David Cameron Gikandi Abundance Affirmation - Lifeism
Michael Beckwith Quote on abundance - Lifeism

Thinking big

Thinking abundant does not mean, “I just want to pay my bills” or “I want just enough to cover my debts”. Thinking abundantly is thinking bigger. If you truly do not need the money for yourself, think about how you can transform the lives of others when you are financially free. Pursue larger goals that are bigger than your upliftment. How can you set a trust for generations to come? How can you change the lives of others if the universe is abundant towards you?

W. Clement Stone Quote on aiming for the moon - Lifeism
Marianne Williamson Quote on thinking bigger and embracing possibility - Lifeism
Niccolo Machiavelli Quote onmakingplans that dont stir your soul - Lifeism
Tony Hsieh Quote on thinking bigger - Lifeism
Steve Jobs Quote on starting small - Lifeism
Walt Disney Quote on doing the impossible - Lifeism
Aristotle Onassis Quote on thinking big - Lifeism
Paul Bourget Quote on its never too late to widen horizons -Lifeism

Giving back

Money is a river, here to nourish you and nurture you. It flows then to other pastures for enrichment. Do not try to hold the flowing river all to yourself. Do not build a dam to control it. Let it free. It really does not matter how you give back – but do. Lend money to someone who needs it, donate money if you can, volunteer, or donate your time, or help someone in need. There is always a way to give back no matter what situation you are in.

This helps in restoring our faith in the world, helps us appreciate what we have, and truly believe that there is enough here for everyone. It also breaks the constant feeling of lack that develops when we are struggling financially. Giving back helps us unplug that scarcity mindset and reduce the resistance.

Here are some quotes on abundance and giving back:

Marianne Moor Quote on giving and gathering - Lifeism
Henri Nouwen Quote on abundance - Lifeism
Oscar Wilde Quote on small acts of kindness - Lifeism
David Viscott Quote on finding purpose -Lifeism
Mike Satterfield Quote on changing lives - Lifeism

A good relationship with money

Have you stopped for a moment and thought about your relationship with money? If money were a person, how would you describe your relationship? As a child, what have you heard your parents say about money? Have you heard things like:

“We don’t have money for that”

“Money does not grow on trees”

“Fancy car drivers are jerks”

“He is probably spoiled because he has a lot of money”

Take a moment and write down all your beliefs about money. Ask yourself this – do you subconsciously disrespect money and believe that it is the “root of all evil”? If so, how will you ever attract money in your life, if you believe that it's evil? You and money will stay as far away as possible from each other.

The thing is, we often fall prey to beliefs about money that hamper our growth. Having the mindset of abundance means having a good relationship with money. It is not hated and or is it an obsession. Understanding our biases and working on our beliefs will help greatly in developing a better relationship with money.

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We hope you now understand in somewhat clear terms what it means to have an abundant mindset. The next step is to understand why is it important to have an abundant mindset? How will it help you if you think abundantly? We explain all of this, and more in our next article, “Why is it important to have an abundant mindset” followed by "How to achieve an abundant mindset".



Very important article for people who want to achieve financial stability, nice work!

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