Monarch Butterfly – Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

Decode the message sent by the universe through tiny and beautiful monarch butterflies and unlock your destiny.

By Richard Williams ~

Monarch butterfly-Spiritual Meaning and symbolism-Lifeism

Modern science provides us with the proof of theories that our ancestors predicted generations ago. Once seemed like mere fraudulence, concepts like astrology, numerology, and card reading can reveal the signs of the universe that now seem legitimate.

These signs from the universe don’t limit themselves, they can come from anywhere like the sighting of a spiritual animal. Among many other animals like bears and bees, butterflies are spiritual animals that come along with some significant messages from the universe.

Butterflies are the symbol of transformation. Their spiritual meaning has been talked about for ages in various cultures across the world. One such type of butterfly named ‘the monarch butterfly’ has profound spiritual and religious importance. Here is why Monarch Butterflies are revered.

Why Are Monarch Butterflies Different Than Others?

Monarch butterflies set themselves apart from the rest. Part of their appeal comes from how rare they are. Their physical appearance and behavior patterns only just add to their mystic allure and likely are the reasons why they are known as the king of butterflies.

Here are some more interesting facts about them.

  1. The name: The word monarch is derived from the Greek word ‘mono’ which means one and the word ‘archon’ means the ruler. When put together, it means that a monarch is a king or queen who rules alone without any help or consultancy whatsoever.
  2. Poisonous in nature: These butterflies lay eggs only on the leaves of a specific plant called ‘Milkweed’. As the eggs hatch, the larvae start eating the leaves of this plant. It is a component in these leaves that makes them poisonous when they grow into a butterfly.
  3. The color: Monarch butterflies are of deep orange color with a dark black outline. This color saves them from predators. It also acts as a symbol for other predators that these butterflies are poisonous.
Monarch Butterfly – Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism
  1. The great migration: These butterflies are native Americans. They are born in the regions of Canada and the USA. They cannot survive the winters in North America and thus travel south toward Mexico
    Their journey starts in different parts of Canada and the USA and finishes all the way in the forests of Mexico. Imagine these small little butterflies weighing less than a gram traveling about 2,500 kilometers. They can navigate (without google maps) right from the US to Mexico with the help of biological clocks present in their bodies. This ability is what makes them stand out from others. They are stronger, smarter, and tougher.
  1. Migration over generations: Unlike the migrations that other birds or animals do, there is something quite different about monarch butterflies. It takes generations of these butterflies to complete this migration. The lifespan of these butterflies is about a month. Thus, while traveling they mate, producing a new generation that further continues the journey.

This video will take you on the journey that the Monarch butterflies go through in their lifespan:

The Takeaway from a Monarch’s Life Cycle

The life of monarch butterflies gives us valuable lessons. Though their life span is very short, they live their life to the fullest. They are not afraid of death. For them, life and death are equal. They embrace it and accept it the way it is. They enjoy the time they have and fulfill their purpose in life. This is how life should be. Enjoying the present and living every moment of it. 

The changes they go through from being a caterpillar to turning into a beautiful butterfly are worth noticing. It is just like going through a rough patch to achieve success in life.

Monarch butterfly

Monarch Butterfly Symbolism in Different Cultures

Butterflies have been a part of many cultures and mythologies. They have significant meaning and these butterflies represent certain aspects of life. Ancient cultures have attached different omens to butterflies in spirituality and traditions Following are some of the beliefs regarding what butterflies symbolize.

  1. Chinese culture – Symbolizes a long and healthy life.
  2. Japanese culture – Symbolizes marital bliss and liveliness from youth to old age.
  3. Greek mythology – Symbolizes souls of beloved dead
  4. Russia and Ireland – Symbolizes souls of the beloved dead waiting to cleanse before entering heaven.
  5. Indian culture – Symbolizes the human spirit.
  6. Mexican culture – Symbolizes the support given to you by your beloved dead.

Spiritual Meaning of Monarch Butterfly

What do butterflies represent spiritually? Seeing a monarch butterfly is a very rare event (be it in reality or in your dreams). If you see a monarch butterfly, you should consider yourself lucky. They are our spirit guides. It is possible that the universe wants to send you a message. The spiritual significance of the Monarch butterfly often depends on its behavior when you spot it. If you keep an open mind, their guiding light will show you a new path.

Being on the right path

If a monarch butterfly lands on you (an infrequent event, known as a monarch butterfly landing), the universe is trying to tell you that you are on the right path and that this path will lead to the purpose of your life. You should follow your passion, to do what you love to do.

You just need to bring some encouragement and excitement into your life. Believe in your ability to change things. Get out of your comfort zone as much as possible.

Letting go

If a monarch butterfly is flying away from you, it is a sign to let go. Bad memories, holding grudges against people, and old thoughts that trouble you are the barriers that you need to cross if you want growth in your life.

Sightings of the monarch butterfly are a signal that it is now time to let go of everything that is holding you back. It is time to move on. But moving on is a very difficult process.

Spiritual Transformation

A time comes in each person’s life when something happens. Something that turns a person’s life upside down. It may be a situation, a realization, or a new person entering your life. Sometimes we tend to ignore these changes that are happening in our lives.

Coming across a monarch butterfly is a reminder that you’re undergoing transformation. A transformation that may lead you to spiritual growth and discovering your true inner self.

Message from beloved dead

According to many cultures, monarch butterflies are the souls of your ancestors and your loved ones. Sighting a monarch butterfly may mean that your loved one is with you on your journey. They are helping you from heaven.

You are guided and blessed by their spirits. It is also a sign that they are happy wherever they are. Instead of grieving about the dead, you must cherish the memories you’ve created with them.

Entering a new phase

If you encounter a dead monarch butterfly, it is a that you are about to enter a new phase of your life. Since monarch butterflies are rare, seeing a dead monarch is an even rarer event. A new beginning that will change the course of your life.

You should step into something new that you always wanted to do but had reservations about. This is the time when you put aside those reservations and enter a new phase of your life.

Positive incomings

Consistent sightings of monarch butterflies might be a way of the universe to tell you that you are about to witness something great. Something that’ll bring a lot of happiness and joy into your life. Everything is going to align in the way that it should.

Don’t force things and focus on keeping your energy upbeat. This time period in your life is likely to bring about a spiritual evolution as well.

How was your encounter with the monarch butterfly?

The way in which you encounter or see the monarch butterfly can have a significant impact on what it means. Whether you have seen the monarch butterfly or it can sit on your hand or did you had a dream about it. Let us see what these things mean.

Seeing a dead monarch butterfly has spiritual meaning

A dead monarch butterfly doesn't mean something dark is going to come your way. Seeing it means that you're about to finish one chapter of your life and enter into a new one. You are going to step into something new and experience growth.

When a monarch butterfly sits on you

It is once in the blue moon that a monarch butterfly will sit on you. It may mean that whatever path you have chosen is correct. You should keep moving on despite all problems that come your way. You should also be thankful and grateful for the things that you have in your life.

When a monarch butterfly follows you

It is a rare event but if it happens, it has a significant meaning. It means that you are special! You are capable of leading people into something that will help everyone. They are following you because they can sense the vibrations around you and they only follow high vibrations. If you have an idea for a start-up, an offer to run a business or something where you are going to lead, this is the right time for it.

There are a lot of other meanings one can derive from sighting a monarch butterfly. The true meaning depends on the stage at which you are in your life and the circumstances that you are facing. Next time when you encounter a monarch butterfly, try to find which of these meanings might apply to your life. Keep exploring and keep growing!



Thank you. As soon as I walked outside this morning, I saw a dead monarch on my front steps. It took me by surprise but was beautiful nonetheless.

Crystal Jo

thank You for this Article...I took as the sign i was looking for.


The same monarch keep coming around it started near the end of July 2023 about 4 times now as of August 11th 2023 on different occasions and day but I know it's the same on and reading up on the I can really relate to everything about them and why it around me

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