How Owning a Pet Can Change Your Life

Pets shower unconditional love and make our lives indefinably joyous. Here are top reasons to why owning a pet can change your life for better.

By Suhani Vats ~

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It’s an unusual bond, the one we have with animals. Although we share a community, nature, and other resources with them, we believe that animals are not the same as us - they are anatomically, and intellectually so different and have lower intelligence. But if you’ve ever been around a pet (or a human who has a pet), or even read a snippet of the myriad research papers, articles, blogs about it, you probably know that the bond we share with animals is that of deep connection and unsparing love.

As humans, we are born with higher intellect and an ability to reason. This rationale usually guides us through our lives and diminishes our sense of unconditional love and kindness in our quest for material possessions and happiness in worldly gains. Animals, on the other hand, are driven by instincts. They don’t get tangled in the minutia of trivial things. Your pet will continue to see you with the same love and stay by your side even when you’re not making the right choices (you know what you did). Dogs often provide the trust that you can always count on. Maybe that’s why the bond is so magical in some ways. Imagine being loved without judgment, always getting a warm (and sometimes sloppy) welcome, and seeing them be their unabashed selves always by your side; pets can brighten up our lives in more ways than one.

Here are the top reasons why getting a pet is the best decision you’ll make.

A longer life

All of us are well-informed about the plethora of health benefits of owning a pet. Extensive research over time has shown that spending time with a pet can significantly reduce mental stress, reduce blood pressure, accelerate healing, and improve overall health. More simply, playing with puppies and kittens release serotonin and oxytocin, reducing cortisol levels (stress hormone) and boosting these ‘feel-good hormones'. They help reduce the feelings of depression and loneliness, cope with trauma and even age-related issues. Scientific studies have also shown that pet owners lead healthier, happier lives owing to the no-excuse walkies, cuddle times, and perpetual adorableness around them.

Dog playing with a doll

A lesson in responsibility

Truth be told, as awesome it is to have a pet, it comes with a whole set of responsibilities. The realization of being the sole provider of another life teaches us a lot of invaluable lessons in leading our lives with purpose and reliability. Just like a baby, pets don’t always get it, they lead by impulses. This often means looking out for them, cleaning up after them, and showing them the ways. There are other tasks too – planning their meals, taking care of their health, being patient with them, etc. which are part of the deal. But they are well compensated for with tail-wags, sloppy kisses, and moon-eyed stares (if your pet is a fish). Rescuing animals, and providing forever homes to animals as pet parents is a very noble act of contributing back to society. Animal shelters and foster home services for animals are a beacon of hope. Animal control divisions sometimes, simply reallocate canines, snakes, turtles, etc. this change in habitat can be harmful to territorial animals. 

A glimpse of the true meaning of love

Pets don’t judge. You could be a law bender or a philanthropist, but to your pet, you are the world. Dog behavior teaches us- compassion, patience and immense love. They understand you without sharing a word, pick up on your emotions and look after you in ways that only pets can. They respond to our energy and reciprocate our love, remind us of valuable companionships. Each pet teaches us something priceless- patience, remind us of how much there is to laugh about, sometimes stillness, and sometimes how to truly be our own self, irrespective of what others might think. They are always present in the moment – waiting to fetch the ball or smash that laser pointer, they never argue or tell you that you’re being stupid, and easily forgive and move on when things seem messy (or things break “without any fault of their own” :D).

Cute puppy giving highfive

You’ll become social

If you get a fur baby, you’ll start going out and about more often, exploring new areas around you. You would also meet and socialize with like-minded people and pet owners, arranging puppy/kitten playdates. Not to mention, the gazillion pictures of your pet dressed as Batman are excellent ice breakers, making it easier for you to approach new people and strike up a conversation. It automatically makes you animal welfare oriented. 

You’ll laugh every day

Pets are pure entertainment. They can sense when you’re in need of some laugh and act like the goofballs they are. Be it tippy tapping to music or looking at you with their ears cocked and puppy eyes, pets bring up funny antics that have us gripping with laughter. They lighten the mood, lift your spirits and help you forget the tensions of life. Their unusual characteristics are amusing and sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Plus, you can be silly with them, dress them up, play with them and forget about those deadlines for a while. :)


You’ll have happier kids

Pets are a great addition to your family, especially for your kids. Scientists have validated that kids experience joy, responsibility, and companionship with pets. They also help kids socialize if they find it difficult. Kids develop a bond with their pets, learn empathy, respect for nature, and have even better immunity and disease-fighting strength and a better ability to manage stress.

Girls playing with pet dog

A different perspective of life

As humans, we are usually entangled in our everyday lives. In addition, we are constantly in turmoil with our own thoughts. Having a pet breaks you away from your problems and anxieties. They have a therapeutic way of bringing us back to the present and cherishing the finer moments. We are guided to widen our perspective towards life and all that comes with it, remembering the fleeting nature of it, and sometimes even feel the calm and tranquility through their simplicity.

Pets may not be our whole lives, but they make our lives whole. They make our lives indefinably joyous, teach us to be affectionate and seek adventure. We really hope this article reaffirms how great it is to share our lives with pets. Let us know your favorite pet memory in the comments below. And if you are planning to get a pet, please consider adopting one and giving them a home filled with hope and happiness they deserve.



I just had a dog two months back and I can say that having a pet truly changes your life altogether in a great way!


being a cat owner, I felt really amazing reading this article, lovely style of writing too

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