6 Tips for an Abundant Mindset (Part 3)

Easy tips to get in to an abundant mindset, along with quotes to help you stick to the course.

By Richard Williams ~

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This the 3rd part of the abundance mindset article series. If you haven’t read the two articles before So far, we’ve talked about what is the abundance mindset, and how can an abundant mindset help.

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Tl;dr? No problem. Here is the gist:

Article #1: Paths to Abundance and Financial Freedom

Not having enough in the account to pay bills, rent, tuition, etc. are significant issues we face when we struggle with our finances. How do you deny that reality? What does an abundance mindset mean?

In the simplest terms, an abundant mindset is the deep knowing that there is enough for everyone in this world. It is a belief that you have all the tools you need to live your best life. And everything will become available to you as and when you need it.

  • You are enough
  • There is enough for everyone
  • Thinking big
  • Giving back
  • A good relationship with money

Article #2: The Why of an Abundant Mindset

This article talks about why it is important to have an abundant mindset and how it can help. Here are the top reasons:

  • Develops Faith
  • Positively impacts other areas of life
  • Fosters Creativity
  • Makes us proactive
  • Reduces Resistance

Now that we understand the meaning and importance of an abundant mindset, lets talk about a few tips to cultivate an abundant mindset.


If you’ve ever read any self help book or a book on financial freedom, you’ve come across gratitude. Gratitude is so important that almost no lasting life change happens without it. There are many, many reasons why being grateful will help you immensely in life:

  1. Helps you appreciate what you already have. Even if you didn’t have much, saying thank you for what you do take you out of the scarcity mindset and makes you abundant.
  2. Makes the law of attraction work. Like attracts like, being grateful for what you have and appreciating it get you more of the good things you want in your life. Being thankful for things you want to manifest is also a wonderful trick. If you can recreate the experience you want in your mind with every detail and say thank you to the universe like the event already happened, it wont be long before you manifest it.
  3. Makes you content in the now. Being grateful is not just something that pays you in the long term but also gives small dividends in the now. Being grateful puts you in a good mood and makes you content. It makes you okay where you are and instills a belief that life will take you where you want to go.

Another tip to help you with financial freedom is the concept of “Arigato”. It means “Thank You” in Japanese. We first wrote about this in our article on practicing gratitude. This concept was introduced by Ken Honda and entails saying thank you or arigato every time you receive an income or every time you spend something.

There is a lot written on gratitude. If you want to know how to practice gratitude then you can also read our article on 3 Simple Gratitude Practice.

Here are some quotes to get you started on the path to gratitude:

Alfred North Whitehead Quote on gratitude - Lifeism
Rhonda Byrne Quote on gratitude - Lifeism
Amy Poehler Quote on gratitude - Lifeism
Amy Poehler Quote on gratitude - Lifeism

Accepting change

As you embark on the new mindset journey you are going to feel a little uncomfortable first because you are changing your mindset. All we want to say is that don’t give up on the process. Embrace change and continue on the path.

Here are some quotes on accepting change:

Albert Einstein Quote on intelligence - Lifeism
Deepak Chopra Quote about change and chaos - Lifeism
Winston Churchill Quote on perfection and change - Lifeism
Kakuzo Okakura Quote on the art of life - Lifeism

Positive self-talk

We are very defensive about ourselves when someone talks badly of us, however we never question it when we have even worse negative self talk. How many times in a day do you tell yourself:

“I am so silly”

“Ugh why did I have to do that”

“What was I even thinking?”

“There you go again”

“Can you do anything right?”

If some variation of negative self talk is common, we recommend taking a stand and becoming kinder and gentler toward yourself. We are our harshest critics. Catch yourself when you are being negative and course correct. Look in the mirror and love what you see. Despite what you think you may have done. Accept yourself unconditionally. Appreciate yourself for how far you’ve come.

Here are some quotes about positive self talk:

Edward Mbiaka Quote onself talk - Lifeism
Miya Yamanouchi Quote - Lifeism
Dr. Asa Don Brown Quote on self talk - Lifeism
Gino Norris quote on self talk - Lifeism
Darlene Lancer Quote on being a victim - Lifeism

Visualize your goals

More time you put in experiencing your goals, the faster you will manifest them. If you feel your goals, you will certainly get there even faster. Where are several ways to visualize goals. We are listing some of them below:

  1. Vision board: Printed or digital, keeping a vision board will help you look at your vision the moment you are sensing doubts. Update you’re vision board regularly and ensure that everything that is on your board is something you truly desire.
  2. Meditation: You can simply meditate and do your visualization. You don’t need a physical or digital book to visualize, just dedication and a strong visualization. Doing a guided meditation and really feeling what you want to achieve will go a long way.

Here are some quotes on the importance of visualization:

Bo Bennett Quote on visualization - Lifeism
Richard Bach Quote Imagination - Lifeism
Audrey Flack Quote on Visualization - Lifeism
Gail Lynne Goodwin Quote on visualization - Lifeism

Being an opportunist

When you are shifting your mindset, you will notice a lot things. You will suddenly notice small cues and hints from the universe to take a certain path. Trust your gut and trust the universe. Take that opportunity and work hard. You will see miracles happen.

Here are some quotes on opportunity:

Ann Landers Quote on opportunites and hard work - Lifeism
Milton Berle Quote on opportunity - Lifeism
Anonymous Quote on opportunities - Lifeism
Winston S. Churchill Quote on opportunity - Lifeism

Rise above comparison

Often when we are going through a tough time we tend to look outside and see what others are doing. Subconsciously we have the tendency to compare ourselves with others. This leads to disappointment and friction in truly attracting what you really want in life.

Above are simple tips to help you get in the abundant mindset and get on the path to financial freedom. This concludes our 3rd and final article in this series. We hope you enjoyed the article and that it helps up on the journey to financial freedom.


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