14 Millionaire Mindset Quotes for Financial Freedom

While millionaires work hard to achieve their goals, not all those who work hard are millionaires. Here are tips and quotes from famous millionaires.

By Richard Williams ~

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Becoming financially successful is an art and a science. While millionaires work hard to achieve their goals, not all those who work hard are millionaires. Doing the mind work is as important as doing the hard work when it comes to financial success.

To develop a millionaire mindset, we need to stretch our thinking. And the first step in that direction is removing limiting beliefs and taking on a positive money mindset. 

If you are indeed ready to embark on this journey, begin here. You will acquire some serious insights from both an observational and a scientific point of view.

Develop focus.

Keep your eye on the goal, keep moving toward your target. T Harve Eker Quote

Our mind is a powerful tool that can make a huge difference in our lives when we start learning how to use it. Our thoughts control our world in many ways. Learning how to focus and think positively is the first step. Believing from deep within that financial success is possible for us, too, is quintessential.

After determining the goal, write it down. Print it out. Don’t hide it in a journal where no one can see them. We need to put our goals where we can see them every day. This helps in focusing our attention on what's truly important when we are tempted by distractions.

Do the work.

“I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.” -Jeff Bezos Millionaire Mindset Quote

Taking action towards our goal is important. In fact, it is equally important as the mindset. Taking steps towards our goal is what gets us closer each day. We need to make sure that we are purposeful, and making progress. We are all given the same 24 hours. We have to put in the work.

Make success from failure.

Millionaire Mindset Quotes. “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” -Dale Carnegie

If we can learn to look at failure as a stepping stone to success, then we are truly making the most of every opportunity we get. Let us not get discouraged by failure, let's learn from it and grow. Success can also be a trial and error for some of us. Taking calculated risks is a part of the millionaire mindset. Celebrate failure, channelize the energy in a positive direction and be an achiever.

Don’t focus on the money.

Millionaire Mindset Quote “Money is just a consequence. I always say to my team, ‘Don’t worry too much about profitability. If you do your job well, the profitability will come.’” -Bernard Arnault

This may sound counterintuitive but hear us out. If we only focus on the money, we move the focus away from the work and the doing. We must keep our goal in our sights, but just obsessing about the money and ignoring the work will also hamper our progress. Focus on the ultimate goal and then immediate steps that need to be taken. Everything in between will fall in its place.

Be disciplined.

Millionaire Mindset Quote “To become wealthy one must be disciplined in thought and deed, disciplined enough to search for great economic opportunities.” – Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D.

According to Thomas J. Stanley, if we want to achieve financial freedom, we must be disciplined in our thoughts, intentions, and deeds. To be a millionaire, we must be on a constant lookout for economic and business opportunities. Once we recognize these, we must be disciplined enough to follow through. Many times, being disciplined means saying no to some opportunities because something else is a focus already. It means being comfortable saying no to actions that do not help us in achieving our goals.

Don’t give up.

If things have not gone well for you in the past, don’t despair. One of the most important traits of financial success is the ability to bounce back. Knowing that things will not always work out the first time around. Sometimes, making it big means being okay with things not working out the first time around. Continue to believe in the process and don’t stop taking calculated risks. It is part of the process.

Tackle obstacles in a stride.

Things will go wrong now and then. Logically, there is no viable way to prepare for it all. When you are on the path to becoming a millionaire, there is no telling what you will face. Be it a business, job or stocks, obstacles are going to be a part of the process. Know that there will be learnings along the way. Falling and getting back up again is the journey.

Continue learning.

Millionaire Mindset Quotes “The more you learn, the more you earn.” -Frank Clark

After we finish our education, we rarely look back. There is so much theory we must put in practice, we almost forget that at some point, we must ensure we are staying ahead of the curve. There are so many ways to continue learning in our times. It does not necessarily mean going back to school. Learning can happen under a mentor; it can happen online via distance learning modules or even on YouTube. Learning new things forms new neural connections in our brain and keeps us young. It also increases our problem-solving skills and helps us get to our goals faster.

Celebrate success.

Millionaire Mindset Quotes “Instead, I have an abundance mentality: When people are genuinely happy at the successes of others, the pie gets larger.” -Stephen Covey

Celebrating each victory is important, however small. When we make progress towards our goals, it is important to acknowledge that progress and celebrate it. It is also important to be grateful for it.

Celebration of success is a mindset. It is an expression of gratitude. So, let us not only celebrate our success but also the success of others. Being genuinely happy for the success of others brings positivity to our lives as well.

Start here, and now.

Millionaire Mindset Quotes “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney 

A mindset of financial freedom requires that we start ASAP. That we take the steps we need starting today and now. Even it is just the decision to do something, make that decision now. Remember, there will always be a reason to not do something. We need to decide that our goal is bigger than our excuses.

Manage time.

Millionaire Mindset Quotes. “Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed.” -Peter Drucker

Our ancestors have harped on this for generations. Timeless advice that gets dished out at the drop of a hat. But what does it mean to manage time?

Managing time means prioritizing. It means writing down what we need to achieve and not just keeping it in our minds. It also means giving our work the respect it deserves by approaching it in an organized way. Getting a planner, keeping a to-do list on the phone, or simply using sticky notes. Use the approach that works best and stick to the plan.

Managing time becomes even more important once we have the financial freedom we are looking for. As we become more successful, we need better time management skills.

Take risks.

Millionaire Mindset Quotes - Lifeism

According to Bill Gates, if we want to be successful, we must take risks. Taking calculated risks is a big part of the millionaire mindset. Knowing when to bet big and when to bow out is important. We need to learn the skill of listening to our gut. What does our intuition say about the decision? Meditating and going within for an answer can help us in mastering this skill to a great extent.

Create a vision.

Millionaire Mindset Quotes “Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of an idea is an obstacle.” -Ken Hakuta

What does it mean to be a millionaire and to be financially free? We all have different answers to this question. Some of us want to pursue our passions, hobbies or want a better life for our family. Defining why you want to become a millionaire is the most important part of the millionaire mindset. Creating a vision for our lives is extremely important as well.

What does life look like in this vision? Create a vision board, add details and photos if possible. Look at this vision board every day.

Associate with the right people.

Millionaire Mindset Quotes. “The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.” – Reid Hoffman

We, as humans, are social beings. We live as a community, and we thrive together. We have a major influence on each other. We absorb tiny details and pick up habits from the people we spend time with the most. Making sure that we are in the right company can go a long way in our path to success.

If we are constantly in the company of negative people who believe in instant gratification, it will be challenging for us to focus on the future and work towards it. It is extremely important to be the company of people who encourage us and support our ideas.

Those were our thoughts on millionaire mindset quotes and approaches. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. What has worked for you? Do you agree with our recommendations above or do you take a different approach to financial freedom?


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