Life’s Simple Pleasures that Bring Joy – A List of 100+ Things

Appreciating the simple pleasures in life can enrich us and make our lives wholesome. Here is a list of over 100 of them that we think you will love.

By Suhani Vats ~

Simple Joys of Life

“Remember this, very little is need to make a happy life.”

- Marcus Aurelius

Life is a collection of happy memories. And even though we often attach happiness to only material things or big life events; it also lives in the simplest of things. Happiness does not require much, some say it requires nothing, and that is the beauty of it. Just a few moments of honest fulfillment and appreciation of simple things in the moment is enough.

Don't get us wrong, material things also brings happiness, but it is often fleeting. Also, if we keep buying new things to feel happy, at some point we will run out of money or, run out of things to buy (that make us happy).

However, it is difficult to appreciate simple pleasures - mostly because as humans, we tend to conclude things in our minds. Early in our lives, every new experience is exhilarating. A butterfly is fascinating, a roller coaster is (fearlessly) thrilling and even mud is playable. But as we grow up, we tend to lose this zeal. We attach feelings, both good and bad, to every experience and conclude them in our minds. Things that we once enjoyed, become juvenile /not worth the time and even boring.

As life gets tough and we become busier, it also becomes harder to find and appreciate the joy in the simple pleasures of life. Feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and constraints start gnawing within.

Simple Pleasures of Life - Lifeism

In challenging times like these, a simple practice of keeping a gratitude journal is a wonderful way to reflect on things to be happy about. Journaling, especially gratitude journaling, has proven to have many benefits. It is therapeutic, centering, and downright humbling to know that we enjoy many privileges.

Everyone’s gratitude journal is different. If you do not know where to start, we can help. Start by setting aside a few minutes each day to write down five things that you are thankful for, every day. These do not have to be complicated things, they can be simple things like a hot meal, a walk in the park, smell of fresh flowers. Do this every day, either in the morning, right before you jump out of bed, or in the night, right before going to sleep. Many just do this on their phones, but we think it works wonders when done with a pen and a nice journal. Some people like to decorate their journals with stickers/ dried flowers, write quotes, thoughts, or songs they like, and more.

You do not have to come up with new things you are grateful for every day. You can add the same things every day too, just try to add one new thing. As you practice, it will become easier to think of things to be thankful for. And that is the essence of gratitude journaling – to stay grounded in the positive as we course through a sea of anxious, negative thoughts.

To help you get started, here is a list of our top 100 simple things to be grateful for. Leave us a comment and we will add your #simplething to our list:

  1. Waking up after a good night’s sleep
  2. Sleeping in on a weekend
  3. Climbing into bed with fresh sheets from the dryer
  4. A warm shower after a long day
  5. A bouquet of flowers from your loved one
  6. Holding hands with your partner
  7. A hug from your kids
  8. The aroma of fresh-baked cookies
  9. The first sip of coffee
  10. The smell of fresh-cut grass
  11. The look on someone’s face when they open a present from you
  12. Fresh berries
  13. Watching a sunrise
  14. Reading a good book
  15. Wind in your hair
  16. The smell of rain
  17. Watching a good movie
  18. Laughing out loud
  19. A good workout
  20. An organized desk
  21. Fairy lights
  22. Ice cream!
  23. The sound of the ocean
  24. Dancing
  25. Talking to your parents
  26. Crunchy leaves on a windy day
  27. Kissing someone you love
  28. Being understood
  29. Cooking your favorite meal
  30. Dark chocolate
  31. A good wine/beer after a long day
  32. Snuggles with your pet
  33. A long chat with your friend
  34. A good massage
  35. Finally purchasing something that you’ve been saving up for
  36. Completing your to-do list
  37. Listening to your favorite song
  38. Looking at your kids playing
  39. A clean home
  40. Birthday cake
  41. Full moon
  42. Sunlight on your face
  43. Finding time for your hobby
  44. Scented candles
  45. Tidying/ giving away things you don’t need
  46. Iced tea on a hot day
  47. Shopping
  48. Watching a sunset
  49. Popping bubble wrap
  50. Being appreciated
  51. Feeling safe and loved
  52. Listening to your heartbeat
  53. Watching the stars
  54. A family meal
  55. Helping someone
  56. Drawing/sketching
  57. Savoring mom’s cooking
  58. Watching fish swim
  59. A picnic
  60. Being rewarded for your hard work
  61. Swimming
  62. Finishing crossword without help
  63. Watching snowfall
  64. Playing a sport
  65. Hearing the pitter-patter of rain
  66. Cuddling and snuggling with your partner
  67. Talking to your grandparents
  68. Prepping for a festival
  69. A long walk
  70. Digging your toes in the warm sand at the beach
  71. DIY-ing something
  72. The feeling of accomplishment when you finish a task.
  73. Meditation
  74. Feeling healthy
  75. Making a new friend
  76. A drink of water when you’re thirsty
  77. Looking through old photos
  78. Receiving a package in the mail
  79. A greeting card
  80. Forehead kiss
  81. Learning a new skill
  82. Traveling to a new place
  83. A long drive
  84. Balloons
  85. Blowing bubbles
  86. Watching your loved ones progress
  87. Relaxing on a day off
  88. Unexpected gifts/ compliments
  89. Going on a hike
  90. New shoes
  91. Fireworks
  92. Celebrating a milestone
  93. Playing with a baby
  94. The smell of a new book
  95. Financial security
  96. Warm butter popcorn
  97. A comfy couch
  98. Reminiscing your childhood with a sibling
  99. Bedtime stories and tuck-ins
  100. Going on a date
  101. Finding unexpected money in your pocket
  102. Getting a paycheck
  103. Being alive
  104. People who donate
  105. Technology
  106. Access to clean water
  107. Meditation
  108. Yoga
  109. Autumn leaves
  110. Privilege of reading
  111. A daily routine you love
  112. Snowflakes

These are a few of the things we love the most. Things that bring us joy. This list of little things is a part of our gratitude journal. We hope you found this list of simple pleasures helpful. You can use this list to remind you of the multitude of things that can bring us joy.

We'd like to turn it over to you now. What are the little things in your life that you love? Think back to your daily routine. What are those little things that bring a smile to your face? What sparks joy within you? Let us know in the comments.



This is a very comprehensive list of simple pleasures. Thank you!

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